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Marcel to take up management?


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Looks like Marcel wants to venture into the murky world of managing a football club. I could see him as being a good second in command rather than being number one straight away. The fact he cites Alan Shearer as an example is a worry in itself and adds weight to what I've just suggested

World Cup Winner Marcel Desailly Ready To Go Into Coaching

The French international legend is ready to go into the world of management, ideally in his native country or England...

Three years after retiring from professional football, Marcel Desailly has indicated his willingness to go into club management, ideally in Ligue 1 or the English Premier League.

A highly decorated defender during his 20-year playing career, Desailly believes that he has developed a greater tactical understanding of the game since quitting, and feels he is now ready to take the jump into coaching.

“You have to be prepared for the job, football can be put into practice anywhere on the planet,†Desailly told Reuters.

“I am not saying that I am likely to go, but I would like to start with a great team in a major championship, like England or France.

Alternatively, [i could coach] a national team,†he added.

The 1998 World Cup winning defender is aware of the difficulties involved in the management side of things, citing the case of Alan Shearer, who was in charge when Newcastle United lost their place in the Premier League.

“It is not easy,†Desailly warned.

“Look at Alan Shearer, for example. But I think I am ready to go into this crazy world very soon.â€

Desailly has previously also indicated his willingness to coach Ghana, the country of his birth.

“In the future, I will come back into coaching. My target for sure [is Ghana],†he told the BBC in late 2007.

There is no hint, as yet, about which club the former Milan and Chelsea man may take charge of. However, his declarations will have doubtless piqued the interest of several clubs and national associations.

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Was Marcel a teammate of Ancelloti's? I'd love to see him coaching at Chelsea. Absolute legend.

Similar thought went through my mind. Speaks Italian, has the respect of the players and fans and is Chelsea through and through to boot.

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