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I'll learn to play the saxaphone

Deacon Blue

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and, as if some old pedant getting vowellist about your drink isn't enough, along comes some prat to tell you that the line from your favourite song is actually

"Learn to WORK the saxOphone"

I'll get me coat


PS - welcome aboard, and I quite like Steely Dan too!

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This is what I get for being too bone idle to check what I'm copying and pasting! What's ironic is that only yesterday I finally got round to ordering Citizen Steely Dan to replace my scratchy old CDs and even scratchier old vinyl albums.

No I'm not Scottish - Deacon Blue is more of a reference to the Steely Dan song (Deacon Blues) than the band of that name, who I also quite like.

And last but by no means least, please accept my sincere heartfelt apology for the addition of the extraneous "e"; I would like to assure you that I most certainly do know the difference between Jamieson and Johnnie Walker!

P.S. Thankyou all for the welcome!

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and the bad scotch band were named after the Steely Dan song! - You have good taste anyway DB - welcome again! and ignore both Moi and I - we are old and gaga!

You speak for yourself you wrinkly old hippy! I'm youthful and voluptuous and very on the ball!

Oh and SCOTCH refers ONLY to the alcoholic beverage - the people of Scotland are Scottish. So yah boo sucks to you, YB!

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