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Roy Bentley - Legend

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Hey all.

30 year old blue here. Been a fan since Xmas 1986 :)

Was a member up until 2009 and was going to 10-15 games a season and then decided my money was best spent elsewhere so by no means a diehard but the blue blood does flow.

My 2 favourite personal Chelsea stories.....

The Day I became a Blue.

My dad's side is Chelsea and my mum's is Spurs. In 86 when I was just 5 my grandad and uncle (mums side) were taking my older brother (7) to Spurs away to Norwich.

I wanted to go but was told I was too young and too small, I wouldn't see anything. I threw a strop and locked myself in the toilet. A knock of the door came with my gramps telling me I could go. The stubborn little git I was refused to come out. They went to the match and my brother became a y*d. That day I chose Chelsea without even realising. My dad bought me a Chelsea kit that xmas and I was complete.

My first match was in 1990 v Derby, Shilton in goal for Derby (after Italia 90) and Dennis Wises/Andy Townsends home debuts. Chelsea won 2-1.

Schooled by a Legend

I grew up in Essex. At school we didn't have a uniform so I would always wear my Chelsea shirt.

After school one day in about 87/88 I left the gates and crossed the road. An old fella in his garden saw my shirt and stopped me (most shirts at that time in Essex were Liverpool, West Ham or Spurs) and Chelsea was a real rarity.

He pointed at my shirt and told me he used to play for Chelsea. Being the age I was this was just a crazy old guy I didn't recognise. He didn't look like Kerry Dixon. He told me to wait and he went inside his house, he returned with an old programme from the 60s and gave it to me. He told me his name was Roy Bentley and that stuck. I told my dad when I got home but I can't recall his response.

Then in 2005 (100 year celebrations) old players were doing the rounds in the magazine/programmes and there of course was Mr Roy Bentley, the one and the same. I met Chelseas first ever title winning captain and he even lived opposite my school. Legend.

My main hobby these days is Fantasy Sports - you know Sun Dreamteam, fantasy football etc but literally every comp over every sport.

I am currently playing....

Football - Sun, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sky, Elephant, FPL

African Cup of Nations

Tennis Aus Open


And soon Six Nations x 3 and Golfs European Tour.

An addiction you may say.

5 favourite Chelsea players

Bentley of course legend

Dixon my first fav legend

Gullit changed us legend

Zola best ever legend

Lamps model pro and legend

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