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QPR’s 4 Year Plan - TV programme


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Did anyone see any of the programme on BBC2 last night? I watched the first half and it was staggering and very revealing just how mental football club owners are. My favourite part was when they were playing some sort of behind closed doors practice match at Loftus Road while Dowie was the manager and that Flavio Briatore fella told him to tell the players to pass to a particular player (Tommasi?) as he wanted to see how fit he was. And there was footage from during league games where he and the other owners were shouting things like ‘f**king idiot’ at their own players and saying, “right, I want to f**king sell him nowâ€.

I was amazed that they agreed to be filmed like that and I did wonder sometimes if it was 100% genuine as some of it was so mad. They were arranging with their technical director bloke at one point how they would send a signal to the bench instructing Dowie to make a substitution. This was in the final days of Dowie’s tenure.

The thing was though that I just thought that all this is about as much proof as you’ll ever get that similar stuff goes on at Chelsea and many other clubs. After sacking Dowie and putting Gareth Ainsworth in charge they were at the training ground and saying how much happier the players were now with the change of manager.

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Roman would certainly never put himself before the cameras but it would be quite an eye opener if it were done.

Another bit that amused me was how they were talking to the technical director bloke (who was an Itailian) about team issues and what Dowie should or shouldn't be doing and they made reference to Dowies assiatant coach but said "what is his name?"

I could just see Roman saying that to Emanelo about Ray; "Who is that baldy man sitting next to the Italian bloke who is f*cking up my football team?" Well I want him sacked as I think it is his head that is putting off Torres from scoring".

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