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  1. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Paolo Maldini and his Son, Daniel.
  2. I'm genuinely surprised at the scorn heaped on BoJo by Commies. Human suffering aside, I imagined that the imposition of controlled streets – massive State spending – Paid to stay home – Food rationing – Private Schools folding – the demise of Entrepreneurs' businesses (considered by Loonys to be "Wrong Thinkers") would be celebrated by The Left – Nirvana for Commies. STRAIGHT OUTTA PYONGYANG
  3. Benghazi – 1 Ambassador, 1 Translator, 4 Security Guards dead. On a lighter note, I wondered if, like me you giggled at the Mexicans in Virus Face Masks, lined up at the Border Wall shouting "Americans Go Home" 😂
  4. "Happiness Is A Warm Gun…. Yes, It Is"
  5. Apologies for delay, where does the time go? Says man who can sleep on a washing line. Mike Riley with a monster dose of Elephantitus
  6. This caused my Alt-Right Browser to explode. No more offensive language please.
  7. The most popular song in the "balcony song fest" (after the National Anthem – naturally) was "Azzurro" by 83yrs young Paolo Conte. I look forward to seeing him again at San Remo next month. This is "Gli Impermeabili" a favourite of mine – and who else sings about Raincoats ? Mocambò (Paolo’s mythical favourite Bar) Dampers down Rain over the night signs. I must think it over, think it over... But it will depend, it will depend... Which story do you want me to tell? Ah! I can't say no, no no, no no, no no, no no, no no, no no, no no... And It will start again Like in a rendez-vous I go down to get me a coffee, Excuse me a moment. Pass your hand here, like this Above my bruises. But how it rains well on the raincoats! And not upon the soul. But how it rains well on the raincoats! And not upon the soul
  8. Yes, indeed. I'm a great admirer of certain blackbirds
  9. We've been blessed, help is at hand, from none other than saint Bono… U2 frontman Bono has released a new song he says was inspired by Italians' resilience and humour in continuing to sing amid the cooronavirus emergency Bless. "For the Italians who inspired it… Bless Bless for the Irish… for ANYONE who this St. Patrick's day is in a tight spot and still singing. For the doctors, nurses, carers on the front line, it's you we're singing to," Bless Bless Bless said Bono on the Irish group's Instagram account. The song is entitled "Let your love be known". Bless Bless Bless Bless Dearest Bono It's clearly escaped your attention that Italians have been belting out the national anthem and evergreen patriotic hits from their balconies and rooftops to cheer the nation up amid the virus crisis – apologies for not including any of your legendary catalogue. We'd be most grateful if you would ask your great friend Mutta Merkel why Germany has banned the export of surgical masks and EU withheld Emergency funding till late last week – Mutta said "we are all in this fight together" – less of the "old bollox" and more action would be greatly appreciated. EU masturbarsi A particularly difficult time for me at the moment – Starlings have gathered in Olive trees, preparing to plunder my Vines (grapes). So I'm grateful to Coldplay's instagram rendition – just 2 bars of Chris Martin's legendary "Oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhs" scared off the birds. Chris, you're an absolute Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr
  10. Despite all his foibles and eccentricities, I'm still fascinated by Conte – the character behind the mask – and this brief interview with Emanuele Giaccherini for Corriere dello Sport is my current favourite. Former Juventus winger Emanuele Giaccherini gave an insight into Antonio Conte’s training methods and why he believes they can transform Inter. “He bleeds you dry.” “When I read Conte was coming to Inter, I thought they’ve found the right person to take them back to the top. "Conte is a winner who lifted trophies both in Italy and abroad. He can bring a winning mentality to those who haven’t found it yet. “I can testify with confidence that Conte’s training sessions are shocking. I experienced them both at Juve and on international duty, especially when preparing for the Euros, and I can assure you in the afternoon I just wanted to collapse on to a couch and watch TV. “Conte bleeds you dry, because it’s the work on the training ground that he builds his success on. His watchwords are culture of hard work, sacrifice, hunger and fighting spirit. “Juve remain the favourites for the Scudetto and Inter might not manage to bridge the gap straight away, but they will be one of the favourites with Conte in charge.”
  11. In an interview with RaiTV during the International break, he confirmed he sees the next 4 years with Chelsea and dismissed suggestion that he might join up with his former Boss. Playing alongside Verratti (and one other) in Mancini's different formations, its a joy to watch the current Azzurri squad, they're overflowing in midfield options, both in established players and young pretenders.
  12. "erskblue" – Great pic of Dennis Rofe, that's probably the "sharpest" he ever looked, do you remember some of the jackets he wore when he first joined us? I did admire his energy and commitment. "Big Doug" – The last article I read of Doug, he was about to go up in front of "the Beak" for assaulting a "Mook" who had given "Mrs Doug" a hard time. I'd be genuinely grateful to learn if he got off.
  13. Pippo Inzaghi, former great player and current Lazio coach, takes time out to relax Nice "James Dean" T-shirt, fine time-piece, nice shorts, all on a golden beach, kissed by Mare Nostrum ( did I miss anything ??? )

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