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It's all about Jose ..

Davey Baby

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So, what if Real beat Apoel over two legs then progress past either Marseille or Bayern in the final ?

What happens then?

Who will they meet?

If it's Chelsea and they win, that only confirms what most Chelsea fans felt all along, that we should never have let him go, that we were never likely to see a better coach anywhere near the club ever again.

If It's Milan and they win, his reputation amongst Inter fans soars, if that were possible.

If It's Benfica and they win, well, that would be the club that sacked him after 9 games, not only rubbing salt in their wound but heightening his reputation amongst Porto fans (Edit: Did they sack him or did he leave?).

And if it's Barcelona .. well .. I think it fair to say he'll be the only Real coach in history able to dictate his own terms.

Whatever happens, you get the feeling this year's CL is all going to be about one man ..

Which is just the way he likes it of course.

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If it is Chelsea and Real wins, it is only because Real has a whole lot of excellent players who are not in their mid-thirties, nothing else. To me, it would say nothing about him leaving Chelsea, which was primarily due to Jose getting bigger than his britches and forcing the issue with Roman. He is a great manager, but a cancer to a team when he stays longer than about 3 years.

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It doesn't have to be, if people don't insist on making it so.

I understand your sentiment but I don't agree with your logic. If Real wins the Champions' League- which is likely, seeing as they have to beat Barcelona sooner rather than later- it tells me he's done a good job at Real, but doesn't really prove anything about Mourinho and his previous employment.

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As much as I would love Chelsea to win the CL or at least make the final, deep down I can now only see a Madrid v Barca final.

I think Madrid are going to win the league as Barca have too much ground to make up and because of that I think Barca will win the CL - they will be desperate to stop RM winning both and Mourinho does seem to be a bit powerless when the two teams actually go head to head.

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