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Roman, anyone?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Anyone seen Roman at the games again? I know he was off in the middle east, and I know that he was putting the money up for the tournament so had a vested interest, but has anyone seen him in the stands again lately?

Surely the competition is over by now, and that he should be back watching HIS team!

I know that this is paranoia, but what if he does walk? He has stated that he wants to hand the club onto his son, and he has set up a 200 Million trust fund for the club, but why has he suddenly shyed from the stands?

Maybe he read that he was now only Russia's 6th wealthiest person, so ahs decided to go back to work for a bit!


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I am sick to the guts of the speculation of Roman Abrimovich and his alleged lack of interest in this club.

The guy doesnt speak to the media so why do people listen to the press ??? It is all made up - I read a story from 1 arse crack journo who went to tel aviv on the prompting of a late nite phone call to be told of Romans waning interest at the club but "yet" had said that Ancelotti is a shoe in for managers position next season. Now why couldnt that be done on the phone ??? This conversation wouldve taken no more than 30 minutes but this guy felt obliged to go to israel and here how Roman was planning world domination. Then on the way out of Tel Aviv at duty free of all places he meets Ancellotti himself . Now tis story was the biggest load of bollocks I have ever heard . Its laughable and its plain to see the press printing stories bred purely from paranoia that Chelsea a club wrecked so badly from injury and "inhouse fighting" and "spying allegations" this season are on the verge of something special

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