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JT out of the Porto match


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I think it is more important that JT does not rush bad, everybody saw what a serious kick he took to the head, knocking him out cold, so if its rest he needs for a few weeks, so be it.

He will be back fighting fit to lift the CL thropy jt.gif

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Although I like to see Essien in midfield, he has done a top job as centre back. I also think Ricky has stepped up to the plate, since he's beceome the more senior one in the back four... if you like.

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I think that Carvalho's performances and Essien's ability to fill in have meant that we have not missed JT as a centre half as much as we feared.

What we have missed in spades is his leadership (and his aerial threat in the oppositions penalty box).

I think it is unfortunate that Lamps is our vice captain as he is clearly not captain material. Having said that I don't really see anyone else who is captain material so we are stuck for choice with JT out.

My thoughts before were that Ballack may actually be a better choice as the added responsibility may result in an improvement in his all round game.

However it would be a major smack in the teeth for Lamps to be stripped of the vice captaincy and to then see it handed to a relative newcomer and a player who is really competing with him to play in the same area of the pitch.

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-----Diarra-----Essien--Carvahlo----Ashley C.--




JM could also pick 4-4-2 and play Mikel instead of Robben.

Subs:Carlo,PF,Morais,Mikel,SWP,Kalou, Sahar

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Having enough attacking options now I think it`s not so crucial loss now and Essien is doing fine there too. It`s just means Robben or Kalou will start and I`ll be happy to see anyone of two.

Having Essien`s and Cole`s pace and Carvalho`s positioning we`ll be able to push defensive line up and be confident at the back against Porto, with Peter Cech on fire!!! 1064.gif

C`mon Chelsea!!

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Will be an interesting match. As long as its 0-0 we would go through so I dont think we will attack a lot at the beginning. Proably JM picks 4-4-2 to controll the midfield. This system always did a good job in the CL, so I think its the best choice. If we have to score a goal then Robben should come in and turn it around again icon_wink.gif Anyway Im not sure if we should let Robben on the bench. icon_rolleyes.gif

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