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Norway Police probe Mikel's transfer....


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http://uk.reuters.com/article/footballN ... 5220070306

Norway police probe Mikel's Chelsea transfer

Tue Mar 6, 2007 2:14PM GMT

OSLO (Reuters) - Norwegian police are investigating the transfer to Chelsea last year of midfielder John Obi Mikel amid suspicions of contract forgery, police said on Tuesday.

The 19-year-old Nigerian signed with English champions Chelsea in June 2006 after suddenly announcing that he would not join Manchester United from Norway's Lyn Oslo as expected.

Mikel then reached a settlement with United and Lyn to allow him to move to Chelsea.

"The case is about document forgery and that is serious," Oslo police attorney Paal Hernaes told Reuters.

Hernaes said police had questioned Mikel in London last week. "Mikel is just a witness in the case," he added.

Former Lyn director Morgan Andersen had declined to be interrogated in the case, Hernaes said. Mikel's Nigerian agent John sh*ttu had agreed to be questioned.

The police expected to complete their investigation by early April, he said.

The Nigerian midfielder had been due to join United from Lyn in January of last year but said he had been put under pressure to sign for the club. At the height of the dispute over his future, Mikel went missing from Lyn for several weeks.

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Superb ! I didn't think we had heard the last of this soap opera.

I do object to the headline though, as the investigation has nothing to do with the transfer to Chelsea. It is the transfer to Manchester United which is in question, and the paper work produced by Lyn Oslo.

If the case is proven do you think we can ask for our money back !!??

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What is in question is the legality of how Lyn Oslo got Mikel to sign professional papers, and then sold him.

This has nothing at all to do with us, and is another example of our gutter press bringing our name into the headline.

How much Manchester United knew about this is open to question, but it is all about Lyn Oslo, and that slimeball Morgan Andersen.

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I would perfer the Norwegian police to probe my transfer than my anus icon_lol.gif

Why? What are you hiding there? icon_eek.gif

I've heard about those Scandanvians icon_wink.gif

Yeah, I've heard of those too, but what are you hiding? icon_lol.gif

That treacherous white powder also known as snow.

Or else it's just a load of turd.gif

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This worries me a bit.

The fact that we paid Man United an unbelievable amount of "hush money" stinks of the fact that we did something very dodgy at some point in the Mikel transfer saga of last summer.

I've got no idea what we did, but it is definately not a good thing that the police are involved.

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