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League considers scrapping draws


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The Football League board is to consider a proposal to scrap draws and decide matches by penalty shoot-outs, BBC Five Live understands.

The idea will be discussed by Football League chairmen and chief executives at a board meeting on Thursday.

No timescale has been given for implementing the change if the chairmen go ahead with the proposal.

I think it makes football less attractive. Weak teams would be trying to keep it all square and then to gamble. Teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, ManU and Arsenal playing against mid-table teams would play against "10-men wall".Though it`s always entertaining to watch penalties shoot-out, I believe it would be just awful decision.

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It's a total nonsense and will never come to fruition. Just an excuse for a bunch of suits to get round a table, be provided with lunch and have some drinks afterwards.

Surely they could spend their time more prodcutively trying to implement some changes that are acyually for the good of the game rather than making headlines with a stupid proposal that everyone of them knows is already dead in the water.

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icon_lol.gif Could you imagine it?

Teams training just consists of Penalties, then a poor bottom of the league club plays the big boys, defends for 90 mins, all players back, then beats them with Penalty experience.

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Distressingly I knew when reading just the title that references were going to be made to all the ridiculous things that have been attempted over here in the USA by the brain wizards in charge of MLS.

Worth noting that EVERYTHING that was attempted--strict 45 min halves with no injury time, any kind of shootout, sudden death overtimes--was eventually SCRAPPED and sanity won out.

However keeping in mind that the people in charge are endlessly thinking up new ways to get non-fans interested I am wary of things like long distance goals counting double, timeouts, etc.

God we are an embarrassment.

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There was once a suggestion that teams should be awarded bonus points for number of goals scored as well as points for winning or drawing.

You can just imagine it with a game to go in the season. One team needs a good points haul to secure the title and the other needs a good points haul to avoid relegation - shock horror the game finishes 6-5

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