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IPTV - VPN help

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This season I got myself a subscription with flawless streams, and up until the man city game, it was fantastic. Now none of my channels load during match hours. 

I was originally running flawless with the smart iptv app through my tv. I signed up for ipvanish, and have tried to run it through a firestick. The firestick still doesn't load the channels, so I assume the vpn isn't working correctly. 

I tried the same ipvanish/ smart iptv setup through a sony android tv, and this time it loaded the channels, but all they all just stuck buffering. 

Would appreciate some help as to what to try next, maybe buy a newer generation firestick/firetv, or is it worth upgrading my internet speed to try fix the buffering problems on the android tv? 

What setups have people in the same boat had success with? 



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The first edition firesticks won't accept a VPN. I run IPVanish on PC's , 2 fire tv boxes first and latest editions and Sony Android TV without many problems. Not sure on flawless, could be the servers get rammed at match time as its become popular. l still use Kodi without many problems, I'm on 76 down 20 up.

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I'm with Flawless too, I assume you have let them know you are using a VPN as they will need to tweak your account to let you use it?

Other than that it maybe Internet throttling? Have you done a speed test during match times?

I get 46mb wirh my expressVPN on and have very few issues with games.

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Flawless any good? Been looking for a decent iptv since sportsnationhd aren't Allowing renewing subscriptions at the moment.

I find them pretty good, although a couple of times lately I've had to switch around between channels during matches. It's mildly annoying but I've always been able to find a decent stream.
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