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Moonlight Graham

Why Chelsea?

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Hello, everyone.

First of all, I hope the title of my thread doesn't offend anyone.  You'll see why I chose it if you choose to read farther.

I'm from the USA and, like a lot of American boys, I grew up playing more gridiron football than "soccer."  I did, however, get a few chances to play the latter, especially at university, when I played in goal for a few intramural sides.  

Several years ago, I traveled to the British Isles with my family, and that's when I started taking an interest in football.  The next year was a World Cup year, and my whole family--myself, my wife, and our three kids--were even more intrigued.  We started getting up on Saturday mornings to watch the Premier League.  All three kids (a son and two daughters) play in local youth leagues, and my son also plays for his school team now. I almost never watch an NFL or a college football game anymore, and I used to be a big fan.  We now all prefer "world" football much more.

I've been intrigued by several English clubs over the last few years, but I'm yet to claim one particular team as mine.  I know I'll enjoy the sport even more if I am a supporter of one club, rather than a perennial neutral.  I'm here because Chelsea are one of the clubs that have appealed to me most, and I want to find out from you what makes your club special.   

I know that, as a convert, I'll never have the same connection to a club as someone who grew up with them.  I feel that way about the baseball and hockey teams I support.  Still, I'd like to learn from you what draws you to Chelsea, what makes them your club.

I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say.  Thanks for any comments you can offer.

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Chelsea have always been cool. Aligned with English football is a rich history of sub-culture and each club had its own traditions and these traditions relate to songs, dress, life style and behaviour. Even when Chelsea were not successful they were still cool often coming up with original terrace chants. Where others followed Chelsea led.

There has always been a hint of style and glamour to Chelsea.

Other clubs are jealous of our coolness and this jealousy has been more rife as the silverware has mounted up. The truth is even if we won nothing Chelsea would still be cool.

I am in my 50s and not originally from London. Last night I bought some chips from my local chippy near Birmingham. The owner is a Brummie but a hardcore Chelsea fan and took delight in showing me his Chelsea tattoos. Like me he has been a supporter all his life through the bad and the good times. Chelsea have a gift to bring out a deep and loyal passion in its supporters.

I could talk to you about how much we have won etc. However, being a Chelsea fan goes beyond this and should Chelsea become crap again you know you will be part of a culture that others can only dream of emulating.

Don’t  have several clubs mate, choose one and choose Chelsea and then soon you will see how jealous other clubs are of us through their petty put downs which fool no one. Super Chelsea.


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