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Benni bid in !


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Chelsea today put a bid in for McCarthey that was turned down by Blackburn after a Dembele approach was 10 million short of valuation.

Proof in my opinion we are clutching at straws as Benni is going to the Afro nations !

Ballack and Sheva have put Terry and Lamps contract situations all over the shop - my god do we need direction !

Sign Tevez Roman and 'kin Berbatov is better than Benni and Sheva for that matter !!

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I think McCarthy would be good - as long as:

(a) we get him on the cheap - i.e. less than 10 million AND

(B) Tevez is not an option

The trouble with buying from Blackburn is that we have a history - we paid 17 million for Duff. And McCarthy is arguably more important to their team than Duff was.

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The reasons why Benni is a good option is that:

(a) he would allow us to play in a similar way to when we play with Drogba up top; and

(B) he knows Jose and vice versa.

(A) would mean we wouldn't need to be making wholesale changes to the way we play when Drogba goes to the ACN (someone said Benni has retired from international football; anyone care to confirm?). (B) would mean he could fit in more quickly than most other players due to already understanding Jose's way of doing things (being a bit simplistic here because obviously there are a lot more things he will have to learn but still in a relative sense it would be less than other options).

So my feeling is that he would be a good option to have. However, I also know that Blackburn would be loathe to sell him so he won't come cheap. It will all depend how much we really wanted him. I'm thinking his price could be in the region of 12-15 million quid.

If we've offered 10 million quid less than what Dembele is valued at, what must he be valued at?



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he has retired from international football.

My sentiments exactly.

According to Wikipedia he retired after the 2002 World Cup but has played for the national team since most recently in 2005..

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benni_McCa ... ional_team

If he has definitely retired from international, I wouldn't mind him coming to The Bridge so long as we don't pay over the odds, but it sounds to me like a last resort signing what with Roman tightening the purse strings (the tight b*stard) and I'd prefer us to sign Tevez or Villa.

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