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  1. There’s a special place in my heart for Frank, but I think even his most ardent supporters must now have serious doubts. The sudden lack of cohesion in our play is baffling - some of the players look totally disinterested, and as fans we still have absolutely no idea how we are supposed to play, or what our best 11 is. I start to question whether the players have switched off from him... Our managers don’t usually survive this stage.
  2. I don’t think it was a major problem yesterday, but we definitely lack a physical presence in the middle. Everton’s midfield were too strong for us, and likewise Wolves. Soucek and Rice also bossed us for most of the West Ham game. The only player we have with that potential is Ruben but I don’t think he’ll ever be aggressive enough. I’m sure Frank would like to add somebody of that mould.
  3. Signs of unrest amongst the squad, coupled with inept performances bodes well it does not. As great a job as he did last season, I’m yet to be convinced that Frank’s not out of his depth.
  4. Yes, exactly. Not 20 and still learning the position.
  5. Still not convinced by Rudiger. Quick and strong, but gets caught out of position too often, and can be rash in the tackle. At times he's been the best of a bad bunch, which isn't saying much. Doesn't have age on his side, and I suspect Lampard knows he's not quite at the level required a la the Luiz situation of last season.
  6. Harsh red, which changed the game. Mane went to ground on first contact, and Kepa was there. Thought the Yellow was correct. Up until then, we had chances and it was an interesting game. After then, completely dull. Damage limitation. That aside, did we really expect to win with last season’s defence. The sooner we have a fully fit & available squad, the better.
  7. I know it was first game of the season and all, not had much time to train etc. etc., however I worry for Lampard this season. He is now being financially supported, and if he can't get this team to defend properly, he will be shown the door. This season he has to fix these issues. He must be banking on Silva and Chilwell hitting the ground running and staying fit for most of the season, as the usual suspects will cost us - there is no doubt about that. We have to hope that these two players, plus of course a new GK raises the levels of everyone else. Kepa gets worse with every game. I r
  8. Wow. Rising to a MAX of £70m. Not bad considering Bayer were holding out for 100m Euros. Our negotiation skills have been ruthless in recent times, it must be said.
  9. £50m is a steal considering he ticks the 'young & English' boxes. He's one of the top 3 left backs in the league and is proven. Is he as good defensively as he is going forward? No. Is he easily better than anything we already have? Yes. He could hold down that position for the next 8-10 years if he signs and wants to stay, plus he has time to get better. Great business if it goes through. I must say, I'm starting to feel positive about our defence with the prospect of Silva and Chilwell. No longer will teams be able to target our weak left side, and Silva may bring just the character
  10. What can we say about the man that hasn't already been said. Yes he is a managerial novice, and for most of the season our defence has been horrific (much to my frustration) but you can only work with what you have, and he has managed it brilliantly. He must be very proud. He inherited our weakest squad for years and has still managed to tick all the boxes. To finish in a CL spot WHILST blooding so many promising young players takes some doing. An FA Cup victory would be the icing on the cake albeit does not define the season. If you'd have said 4th at the beginning of our season most wou
  11. Utd's last three games are the easiest of the lot - can see them getting 9/9 points. Leicester's three are Sheff Utd (H), Spurs (A) and Man Utd (H), and you would hesitate to bet on them getting at least 6 points from those on current form, plus Soyuncu being suspended. It gives us a glimmer of hope.
  12. Our defence is a shambles. If Frank wasn't 100% sure about bringing in someone else, then he has to be after watching the last few games. Nobody can be relied upon - it really is that simple. Zouma is the only one recently that has impressed me, but even then he is prone to ball watching, and personally I'm not a fan of the last ditch sliding tackles in the box. They are a penalty waiting to happen. Last night's midfield did not help. Did well for 30 min's then became badly overrun. Frank should've brought on Jorginho sooner (rather than RLC) to regain possession of the ball. We couldn't
  13. I'd be amazed and quite frankly concerned if we decided to pay something in the region of £70-90m for this guy considering the weaknesses in our defence. That surely has to be the priority. Nobody from our back line (including keeper) has covered themselves in glory this season, with inconsistency throughout, so why splash a large chunk of the budget on someone who would then shunt either Mount, RLC, or CHO even further aside. Just doesn't make sense.
  14. Signing now confirmed on Sky & BBC. Well played, Chelsea.
  15. In which case, you are insinuating that no credit at all should go to the manager as one section of the team played by default....
  16. Clearly the biggest difference in the last week or so has been the attitude. Heated words were had after the Bournemouth game and we have seen a better level of intensity, aggression and focus since. How long it lasts is a different question however credit must go to Frank and the staff for making that happen, and long may it continue, as something had to change quickly.
  17. No, that is true, but his size will mean that he will lose a fair percentage of aerial duels and battles against more physically imposing players and much tougher tests are to come. I think that's why Barkley and Mount did so well in working with him as a collective force yesterday, as Frank pointed out.
  18. I think young Billy has played his way in... I can't see Kante being fit for another few weeks, and it would take some balls by Frank to change a winning team. He is simply a revelation and what he may lack in defensive attributes is made up elsewhere in the way he makes the team tick. In my opinion, in terms of natural ability and the confidence to back it up, I haven't seen a young player like it since Rooney, albeit perhaps not as explosive.
  19. You don't see players of that type too often... As Frank said, a real throwback. Can play a pass and mix it up when required. The best player in the middle by a country mile. Loved the way he flew into tackles, something we've sorely missed in midfield this season. Hoping he now gets a little run in the team given our injury/suspension issues. Thank you Rangers and well done Chelsea.
  20. Wow. What to say about last night other than congratulations to Bayern - all you can do is admire them. What a team and performance Based on that, I'd be amazed if they didn't make it to the final and really hope they give Liverpool a sound beating in the process. Regarding us, well, if ever there was evidence needed that we are light years away from competing at that level, there it was. So many players just not good enough. So much deadwood or so called 'young' players that are just not going to be good enough. Christensen & Barkley well out of their depth. I suppose that's what ha
  21. Have to agree with the likes of @Davey Baby, @Brutos, @JM7.... We know there are shortcomings in the squad (large ones at that) however, he should be getting better results with the players at his disposal. This isn't a wobble... It's been going on since November. His performance should be viewed objectively just like any other manager that's been here (as he would expect) and recent results have been terrible. The same basic errors being made time and time again. The facts speak for themselves. I'm hoping that with Son also out, we might have a chance of beating Spurs on Saturday, but w
  22. Sorry, but I'm not sure I see your point. I agree regarding the support, but that doesn't mean we should blindly accept the fact that our football has been awful for three months and shows no obvious sign of improvement, or for that matter, attempts by the manager to change it. Afraid I disagree on the defensive point. I would argue that our defence is much worse than our attack. We have kept 7 league clean sheets this season and unless that is addressed first, results will not improve. Frank is paid (and will know full well) that it's his responsibility to come up with solutions, yet we
  23. Agree, but in which case, you change the setup to provide the GK more protection. Doesn't seem willing to do that, though. Also, a bit of a moot point given he's now injured, but I would argue that if you are struggling defensively, you should also revert to basics and put a player such as Kante back into a holding role until things begin to settle down. There are alternatives.
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