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Didi Wants Entertainment at Chelsea


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From Todays Daily Mirror.


By Ann Gripper 13/06/2007

DIDIER DROGBA wants Chelsea to go a bit 'crazy' next season and shake off their reputation for being effective but boring.

Billionaire boss Roman Abramovich is desperate for the Stamford Bridge outfit to be turned into entertainers, and his star striker admits the Blues could do with an injection of adventure.

And the Ivory Coast frontman, who yesterday admitted he could leave if he felt the club lacked 'ambition', believes Chelsea need to evolve to land that coveted first Champions League title.

He said: "It would be good to be a bit more flamboyant and audacious. This season we were too cautious, too sensible.

"We could do with having a bit more craziness in the team.

"With all the injuries we had, and all the power struggles which interfered with the season, landing two titles is really not bad.

"But if we want to overcome the final obstacle between us and winning the Champions League, we can't stand still."

The 29-year-old has warned he is tempted by a move to Italy or Spain before ending his career.

But he feels it is the constant search for a new challenge which brought out the best in him last season.

The Golden Boot winner said: "My experience in England has developed my sense of curiosity.

"I don't want the daily grind or routine. I love competition too much to let myself go to sleep.

"I need to scare myself and to feel in danger. Maybe that's why Shevchenko arriving last season was good for me."

I say he talks a lot of sense. icon_cool.gif

I do not blame him for thinking of Italy and Spain, he is 29 after all.

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I say he talks a lot of sense. icon_cool.gif

I don't.

Let's assume for a second that Didier did actually say these things and also the threatening to leave if Chelsea don't show ambition (which he probably didn't as it is the Daily Mirror).

Assuming that then maybe it is worth reminding Didier that since he joined the club that made him one of the highest paid players in the world, and surrounded him with some of the biggest names in the world, he under performed for 18 months before finally starting to show a little form. In three seasons we have seen one great one and two average ones from him.

I get bored to the back teeth of football players who start tossing their orb about just because they have hit a purple patch in form. For two seasons I didn't hear Didier talking about lack of ambition or excitement, I didn't hear Didier say very much about anything (other than possibly wanting to go back to France) because he knew he was not delivering consistently and others were carrying him. Now he feels he is top dog and suddenly all that is forgotten.

Piece of bloody nonsense if you ask me.

On the other hand this is most likely total b*ll*cks by the Mirror and hence everything I have said above is irrelevant.

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I don't either. It's ironic but he is a big part of the reason why we're "effective but boring". We're boring because we lob the ball up all the time and that's due simply to Drogba's presence on the pitch.

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