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Anyone else think Sven is just having a laugh at City ?


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Sven-Goran Eriksson has completed his third signing of the day with Brazillian midfielder Elano Blumer joining the Blues in an ?8m deal.

The Brazillian international signs in from Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk on a four-year contract and gives the Blues boss further options in his squad.

Elano scored twice for his country in their 3-0 victory over arch rivals Argentina in a prestige friendly at the Emirates Stadium in September 2006 and has been a regular in the squad since January 2004.

Hailed by national coach Dunga as 'the symbol of the new Brazil', Elano joins after a very successful Copa America where he helped his side lift the cup for the eighth time.

Following the third signing of the morning, City Chief Executive, Alistair Mackintosh said: "This morning has proved to be an immensely productive one, the outcome of which is the acquisition of three top quality players for Manchester City Football Club.

"This has been achieved as a result of some tremendous team work and I would like to praise everyone involved for their efforts. I would particularly like to thank Dr Thaksin, without whom today's signings would not have been possible."

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I think... he's impressed me with some signings of his. I doubt they'll all do well, but they are good quality players.

martin petrov is a very talented pacy left winger, prone to injuries though. bet you'd never guess that I like him!

I've never seen the italian striker, bianchi, he signed but he's supposedly after zigic (think a filled out peter crouch) and bojinov, both very good strikers IMO.

It's good for us that city have eriksson and all of these players- hopefully they'll take points off united.

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good point, well made. useless f*ckers.

p.s. anyone else find it surprising (not in a "the media hate us and we're victims all the time" kind of way) that after all the concern (rightly or wrongly) about abramovich from a moral standpoint, that so little has been said (relatively) about "dr. thaksin"?

p.p.s. I like brackets.

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With all these new signings it will probably take some time to make the team work. I sort of hope that Eriksson can get the team to work together. The signings aren't bad. In fact they are quite good. I heard they are after Dyer too and with him they will get stronger.

It's going to be interesting to see how it will work out.

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Guest Brian M
Blimey, I was only joking!

However, thats why Liverpool don't sign many, those scouser's like a bit of hair on their upper lip PDT_jok.gifscouser.gif

Another serious thread decends into chaos


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