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New Shed End Fan Site Pages

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I am going to use this thread to alert people to new pages as and when they are uploaded onto http://www.theshedend.com - this will mean people don't have to look in there now and again just to see if there is anything new they haven't read yet.

Obviously there are a number of pages worth having a look at already however this thread will alert people to new pages created since the launch.

So the first new page is

Bluebeard's Profile of Ted Drake

For you JCL's (under the age of 50 icon_wink.gif ) Drake was the manager that delivered the 55 league title

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I think we lost 2-0 to liverpool on his debut, larry.

Oops thatw aws left in from the template I was using and I didn't update it - both wrong though - his debut was well after that when we beat City 3-0

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Some people are very slow, and others are just plain dormant - you sir are the latter. I already explained, in words surely simple enough, that it was wrong because I had used a template and not updated it for him.

Just in case this confuses you for the second time I will explain it in very short words.

The data did not refer to him.

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Not so much a new page, more of a new 'feature'

If you go to the Fixtures/results page


You will see that some of the scores are now links - click on the link and it will take you to a page providing additional detail on the game for whose score you have cliekd on.

I am just working on the pre-season games just now but I have completed the Community Shield game so feel free to have a look at that to see what I mean.

Time permitting I will update these pages after each game we play however there may sometimes be a delay depending on whather I am boozing or not.

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