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Poll confesses to bias and inconsistency


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These bits stand out for me:

Gerrard has such presence on a field that he is able to demand ... decisions from the referee.

That was seen on the opening day of this season when he made it virtually impossible for Mike Riley not to give him a free kick in the final minutes at Villa Park.

Now we have the complete footballer who not only has all the playing attributes anyone would love to have but also the knowledge of the Laws and exactly how far he can push them and the referee on the day.

I think that is intelligent play and I admire it rather than condemn it; more players should try being pleasant to referees and see how they react.

There is never a conscious desire to give decisions to any team or player but human nature is such that we tend to treat others as we are treated ourselves.

I think Steven certainly got the benefit of my doubt on many occasions when I was refereeing him due to his attitude.

So he favoured him because he liked him ( judging by his article virtually hero-worshipped him) and sucked up to him by giving he decisions he didn't give players he disliked like, er, let me think, umm, plays in blue, captain of England when it should be his hero Stevie G, erm.....

In today's Mail (can't find it online - read it in the supermarket) he says that there is no need for anyone to apologise over the disallowed Kalou goal because "it took a couple of replays to see he'd made a mistake". No - it was obvious at the time and the very first replay proved it was wrong. If you watch the MoTD footage, the linesman was absolutely level with the play when he put his flag out.

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Poll is a prick and also reckons it was impossible for the linesman not to rule our goal as offide because of his position. Nothing to do with the fact he must've been standing in the wrong position to start with.

Grahm Poll is a f**king arsehole - nuff said!

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the cynic in me considered that maybe you felt that by being pleasant to me I might favour you and your team.

And why would he think that? Seeing as Poll admitted doing that with Gerrard and Liverpool in the article I posted above. And, strangely, the tide turned at the Old Trafford semi when he clearly favoured Liverpool.

I bet Jose would like nothing better than to get together in his favourite restaurant with someone who doesn't rate him 'as a human being'.

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