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Predictable - I won ?200 quid and I'M OFF TO OLD TRAFFORD !

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Where I confidently predict a 2-0 defeat !

( Unless Lamps and The Drog make a dramatic return to action ! )

We were never 2/7 shots to win tonight and I must admit laying us on betfair had to be a good bet.

When I say Sheva was our best player tonight it must mean we were awful and whilst we played some good stuff at times it must be said seeing JT UP FRONT AGAIN shows the lack of belief we have in our forward line.

I'm going to sing my heart out in the Lowery Centre on Sunday and fffffffucck the mancs - our new Chelsea has gone bring back the old days - yep we are damn bloody average !!!!!!

Rosenborg are probably the worst team in the CL it's back to the days of Sc**thorpe, Rotherham and the rest - cmon Roman pull the plug on us - I WANT MY CHELSEA BACK !

i'M PISSED yes !!!

But hell, aint it good going into games thinking - won't it be great if we win today rather than it will be a stroll !



hERE'S MY PREDICTION - wE WILL FINISH 4th in the premiership, lose to Cardiff in the Carling Cup, get knocked out of the Fa Cup by Spurs in the quarter final - oh and we won't make the next stage of the champions league , David Webb will be brought back to stable the ship then Bates and Wisey will buy the club off Roman for a quid ... Happy days !!!!!!!

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But hell, aint it good going into games thinking - won't it be great if we win today rather than it will be a stroll !

Sounds like we've got our Chelsea bac!!!!!!

This is an email I sent to my brother yesterday: (I did post it briefly but deleted it as I didn't wat to be see as a doom-monger!

Where are you watching Chelsea draw tonight?

Where are you watching it?

probably at home - im not really that worried about it to be honest. Sheva putting'em over the bar from 3 yards, Malouda still not beating anyone. Ashley cole not getting forward enough, Essien having 1 shot per game and Kalou running down blind alley's. Lets not forget SWP crossing just over the cross bar or over everyone's head!

load of old w**k!

I text him after the game:

Load o' w**k!

His reply this morning:

I did?nt get your text last night until this morning, you should have had the draw. That was our so-called easiest game in the group, we could struggle to finish above Valencia now. I think we were unlucky not to get the winner and Malouda at least went around somebody last night. Just not enough top quality though. Just not clinical enough in front of goal.

We just have to try and battle until Drogba and Lampard return. I?m not bullish about our chances of silverware this year unless something clicks.

We've got our Chelsea back!

Chelsea are back Chelsea are back hello, hello!

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we got 20 odd attempts at goal and dominated huge bits of the game ... that was pretty good... the only problem was the ball didnt go in the back of the net! Kalou and Shevi need to stand in front of the goal and practise kicking the ball in !!!!


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