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The special one speaks one last time and says...

The Brit
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Quality interview. Seeing it I genuinely believe he was happy and relieved to leave. He'd had a fantastic few years but he knew his time was up. He's not someone like Wenger or Ferguson who wants to stay somewhere for ever. I got the impression last season as things were turning ugly that he was desperate to stay, and was willing to accept interference and appointments and restrictions that made his job tougher, but it seems clear that he couldn't work like that, so it was best to leave now when things were going a bit pear-shaped, and his reputation as a winner could have suffered.

I've no doubt that things will go rapidly downhill under AG, who is another Christian Gross - totally out of his depth. I'm seriously worried about the players, who were devoted to Jose and totally inspired by him. Yes, there were issues about the way we've been playing, but we were still a tremendous team with world-class players who gave their all for the club. The fact is, with Jose and his team suddenly gone, it will not be the same club that it's been in recent years, and the players - so many of whom are not right physically at the moment - will be badly affected psychologically by this huge upheaval.

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