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liverpool fans are ridiculous


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got this of this site, http://www.est1892.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=34864, and its possibly the most ridiculous thing ive seen in ages.

* Rooney maybe, not sure he could link up as well as Kuyt. Deffo worse than Torres, he's not as complete as El Nino.

* Tevez, ditto.

* Ronaldo, definitely

Saha, Torres leaves him in the dust.

* Giggs, probably.

* Scholes would not swap him for Sir Stevie.

* Vidic, makes too many mistakes to displace Agger.

* Rio, give me a break.

* Neville. NFW.

* Evra, while he's very good on the attacking front. The waiter is a better all round player.

* Carrick, ha ha ha a poor mans Alonso/Momo/El Jefecito.

* Hargreaves, ditto.

* Van der Sar

* Bench, ours kicks theirs into oblivion.

and there liverpool v chelsea version












absolutely laughable.....

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Got to agree about Scholes. Can't tackle to save his life, but he's been a constant figurehead at Man Utd for what? 10 or so years? Plus he's always handled himself well off the pitch and doesn't talk total and utter bollocks a-la Sir Steven.

Then again, when the going got tough for Scholes with England, the ginge got going.

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best post in the whole thread.....
How anyone would want Ronaldo over Pennant is beyond me.

Pennant will be world class soon. Ronaldo is just a one trick pony



I hate Ronaldo but Pennant is nowhere near as good as Ronaldo.

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I liked the bit about Cech, Essien and Drogs not getting in their team but my personal favorite was this...

Carvalho is better than Terry. Point tho' is that he has far less to his game than Agger. Did you see Agger's ball to the waiter in the DC game. That is way beyond anything that RC could manage

though someone is on the money (though it might well be a Manc or one of us!)

Alonso is much better than Gerrard, most fans are blinded by Gerrards apparent loyalty even though he wanted to leave a few years ago. Gerrard tries hollywood balls and always goes for the glory himself, an overrated player.
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