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Rep Of ireland 1---Cyprus 1


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And it could and should have been 3-0 to Cyprus .

In all the years im watching us this is without doubt the lowest point in the history of Irish international football . We just havnt a clue have we . Dont want to give the players all the blame so f**k it , here ye go Stan.

As managers go , this fella is the Fr Dougal of International managers and thats probably unfair on Fr Dougal because everybody in Ireland loves Dougal , end of comparison. Staunton is shockingly bad , plays players out of position , is clueless as to encourage or teach players to keep posession , has no respect from players , cant read a game until the 93rd miniute and is completely lacking the ability to stamp his authority in the dressing room . He has absolutely no idea how the game should be played and struggles to pick a team based on performances , ability , strenghts and committment . If he's not sacked or resigns by Friday , i'll be gobsmacked .

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It was beyond painful. I stayed 'til the bitter end and everyone around me was too depressed to even acknowledge our goal. Some of those players will find it difficult to recover from that night, but whatever chance they have it has to be under a new coach.

Staunton simply cannot be allowed to continue. Give him his f**king money and get rid.

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I was reading the usual press opinions today , a lot of it was getting very personal and a hate campagine looked like developing towards Staunton, almost as bad as Graham Taylor in 93 . Now as much as i dislike Staunton as an individual , certainly as far as his relationship with the Irish public goes , i feel its way out of order to bring his immediate family into his ability to manage a football team .

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looks like you are nearly out of your misery Clubhappy - the FAI are holding an emergency board meeting on Tuesday which is likely to spell the end of Staunton's reign as manager.

My tip for the job


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