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coalition government


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Let me tell you why Chelsea will not win sh*t this season.

1. The obvious - Manure and the ass are just too consistent and not losing games. ( or dropping points !)

2. More importantly, we have a hotch-potch of managerial style that is just confusing the crap out of the players. At least under JM, we know who the Gaffer was.

Consider this. There is just too many inputs from people with different styles, all subordinated to Abramovich's vision of a London Barcelona team 691.gif

Our management thus becomes a coalition - 1/2 Roman, 1/4 Avram, 1/4 Ten Cates & Clarke.

And there are all so radically different in football philosophy, none capable of winning anything for Chelsea.

Grant - Let's face it. He prefers boring, safe football if he had a choice

Cates - The other extreme. He was brought in to bring Barcelona to London

Clarke - Mourinho's protege. He represents resilience, consistent Mourinho's type of football.

So Lamps, Drogs are talking about quitting from time to time. The management knows sh*t about what they want.

Lastly, the set of players who have at Chelsea are just so technically perfect for Mourinho's managerial philosophy. For example,Essien is never known to possess superb attacking flair.

Yet he is technically very strong on the ball with a powerful punch when taking shots at goal.

In fact, none of our players saved Joey is a Cristiano Ronaldo or Rooney type of players after Robben left.

So unless we get a perfect manager like JM or in someone with Wenger/Ferguson's calibre, we are screwed 94.gif

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I'm sure Jose will be delighted to hear you call him a 'perfect manager' - not surprised though as you have always promtoed him as being a perfect maanger haven't you. At no point did you even suggest that sacking him might be a good move by Roman (if you don't remember think back to a certain game against Wycombe).

I may not agree with some of the opiions that Bluenut, Jack and c3blu have put on here about Grant however at least they carry the respect that comes with being true to the opinion they have always held - you, on the other hand, don't carry that credibility.

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Ho... you guys got it wrong. I have always maintained my change in stance and shifted to JM long time ago when i knew what he was trying to achieve. This was especially so when i learned that the boss was handcuffing JM's hand by not giving him the centre back which he needs.

That does not mean i am not critical at times. Sometimes, i feel he is too cautious. BUT I HAVE ALWAYS MAINTAINED 100% THAT I WILL TAKE A 1-0 WIN ANYTIME !

So stop being a twig yourselves. Look at the mirror and see that we are all blues the same badge.gif

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a recent octville post:

When can we be like Arsenal, scoring 7 in a game or Manure, scoring 4 goals per game?

an even more recent post:


to conclude, I am the king.

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