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Avram dont listen to just ! We want boring back please !


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Didn't see the game today, but as soon as I heard the result, my immediate thought was..."I would much have prefered a boring 1-0 victory." Those dropped points might have just cost us any outside chance this season. In fact, one of the Carling or FA cup might be all we are realistically in with a chance of this season


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Before todays result i held onto the hope that if we can just stay within touching distance of Utd and Arsenal we might just still be in with a shout. If we can grab results in Jan then hopefully put a run together , with all fit after the ANC then its possible . But not now.

United were fortunate v Everton , didnt play well v Liverpool and theres still a time to come when they will drop points. But we need to cash in but with injuries & players missing in Jan , the C.L. or one of the cups is all we can cling to .

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I think the fact that points were dropped today isnt so bad. It sounds like nonsense but I think a comfortable 3rd-4th finish, against a very strong duo Arsenal and Man United is honorable enough, because neither look like theyre dropping many points this season.

A draw like Olympiakos, however, is the kind of first round challenge that can really get the team going in Europe. Two of Milan, Arsenal, Inter and Liverscum will be gone, and Man United and Madrid are going up against tough opposition. Im not gonna jinx it but I think this can be a special year in Europe

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Yeah i agree with ya , Europe is i think is what we need to make an impact in and im convinced we can go all the way . The draw has been kind and we have a bit of time to re-group , get players fit and get the confidence going 100%.

As long as we finish ahead of the scum , 3rd or 4th , it'll be some consolation.

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Do you seriously think with defending like that we will win the CL?

Defences win titles not attacks.

You seriously think that the defence that finished against Villa will be our defence come Feburary in the CL ?

Should have JT & Ricky back then, & hopefully a new signing somewhere at the back.

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Providing we have our fully fit back line up and the Drogs I think we can do well in the CL.

It's a glorified knock out competition and any team out of the last 16 give or take as has much chance as any other.

As for the league, I think winning it is beyond us, Manure have the "look" about them and I think Arsenal will fall by the wayside and we will end up chasing them for 2nd, Liverfool are out of it despite the game in hand I have no faith in tubby's abilities to mount any kind of challenge with or without Torres.

So a comfortable 3rd in the league and a good cup run in both CL and FA/Carling Cup.

And I'm with you on the bring back the good old 1-0 wins.

I lost track on Wednesday of how many times I left to do something thinking the game as won or at least we had a draw and then promptly returned to find we had gone behind again.

I really don't want to suffer too many games like that - exciting they may be but they after a while the effect starts to pall as you slide away from being in contention for things.

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