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Argentine Di Santo joining CFC at end of this week

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Here's an update:


Di Santo Looks Forward To Drogba Partnership

New Chelsea recruit Franco Di Santo has described the thought of playing alongside Didier Drogba as "something out of another world" as he gets set to leave for London at the end of the week.

Chelsea paid £3.4 million to the Chilean club Audax Italiano to secure the services of Di Santo and he is all set to leave his homeland of Argentina to join up with his new team-mates over the weekend.

In a good early sign for Chelsea fans, Di Santo laughed off suggestions that the weather would be an issue for him once he makes the move to London.

"For me I like the cold and rain, so in that aspect there is no problem. If I want to prevail I must adapt to how it is," he told Olé.

He was then asked whether he can believe the speed of his rise of fame, to which he stated that it has come as a major surprise to him to reach so many milestones early in his career.

"No, for not all. In the year and a bit I have been playing so much has happened. I played in the Copa Libertadores and I played for the Under-20 national team in the South American tournament in Paraguay.

"In just a very short time, I have achieved things that few have. This makes me very happy... It seems like it was just yesterday when, at 14 years old, I went by myself to the other side of the Mountain range (Chile) with this dream."

Di Santo was obviously excited about the prospect of moving to Chelsea and linking up with the world-renowned players who are already at the club, whom he hopes to learn from and improve his game.

"I have the idea to go to learn. It is going to be a dream for me to be next to Drogba, Kalou, Lampard, Wright-Phillips, Shevchenko and Anelka, that they bought recently.

"I am going to watch how they play and if I am called on to be part of the team, I will be prepared to give my maximum and do what I do best. I will fulfil whatever the manager Avram Grant requests of me; that is if I understand it (laughs)."

Finally, Di Santo suggested that he will just be privileged to play alongside the likes of Drogba at Chelsea and hopes one day to achieve the same success and be able to give something back to his home town.

"I always speak with my father, Jorge. To be in clothes, changing next to Drogba will be something out of another world. I am going to help him tie his laces (laughs). I must become used to being around these players since now they will be my teammates.

"I hope to reach those heights, although I have a way to go... I do not wish to disappoint those who have trusted in me, especially the people of Mendoza. I want to help the unemployed where I was born and football in my province," he concluded.

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Surely made up? Who dreams of playing next to and learning off of Kalou and SWP? icon_lol.gif They're not the first names that ususally pop up during interviews - Drogba, Sheva, Ballack, Maka, and Carvalho are the norm...

Still, all good to read, look forward to seeing him play.

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Sounds extremely positive. Good interview and the lad seems to have a good sense of humour.

If this one turns out to be true then that's your second coup during this transfer window having come up with Ivanovic as well.

I look forward to you telling us Iniesta is joining us icon_wink.gif

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Guest Brian M

I like the sound of the lad. And after all, lacing up your idol's boots is a time honoured tradition that has led many players to greatness. Why, just look at Trevor Birch and Kevin Keegan...

...oh, wait a minute... icon_wink.gif

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Be interesting to know if he was one of the many names in Arnesen's file of promising youngsters. If he was then it may be enough to quieten down the people who will insist Arnsen is doing nothing until we pick up one of his recommended players and he gets dropped straight into the first team and within two months is heralded as the world's greatest player and ambassador for UNICEF.

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