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Calling all chelsea fan


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As a fan for over 40 years I've notice every time we get a bad result all the toys get chucked out of the pram,yes we lost to spurs we did not play well at all,can you blame Avram for this or the players?.Whatever team he picked should have beating spurs,but full credit to spurs the better side won on the day.What now do we believe all the papers the end is near or do get Jose back "joke".So i say to all chelsea fans get behind your team come this weekend and stick your smiley.gif to the press and anyone else who don't believe that boys are back in town

Chelsea 4 vs o westham AvingYa.gif come on chelsea we love you ChElSea.gif .

It can only get better?

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I agree that it's pointless to call for Jose's return. However, let's take a look at three different games ... Sunday against T*tt*nhm ... Liverscum at the Bridge, and Olympiakos away.

Three different games, three different competitions, and three different starting line-ups. And what do they all have in common? Apart from being disappointing results. Lack of passion, lack of guile, lack of ambition, lack of inspiration, and so on. Notice how it's all about what's missing? Much as I'd love to drag something positive out of that lot, the only thing I can think of is that this may just lead to the day when we have a proper manager in charge.

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Lofty, don't forget the raw against pompey! IF all these games were in the leage, we would have 1 point from olympiakos, Livershi*, pompey, and 0 from spuds. we would have 3 points from a possible 12!!! That is about as good as Bolton or Sunderland. that is how good our performance is of late, and it isn't doing much to install confidence in Grant

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I agree its not just sundays result thats the problem, we have been poor for a while now.

JM has gone and not coming back, we have to live with that mistake. If after JM's departure you drew up a shortlist of replacemants, or even a very,very,very long list of possible candidates nobody, and i mean nobody would have suggested the man who's last job was handing out the bibs at Pompey.

We need a manager that the players AND fans respect.

Grant is not that man, and the sooner he goes the better for everyone.


does'nt mean i'd ever stop supporting the team though. ::Scalf::

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