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Arsene feels victimised


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Whinger made some false claims:

http://football.guardian.co.uk/News_Sto ... 93,00.html

Although Arsenal have indeed committed fewer fouls than any other team during the period, Manchester United and Everton players have been fouled more. Meanwhile, Arsenal collect a yellow card every 7.95 fouls, as do Blackburn Rovers, and both clubs are not penalised as regularly as are Chelsea and Bolton Wanderers. As Wenger adopted the mentality of a siege, he cared not to mention the 72 red cards that his players had accumulated during his 11 seasons in charge.

In many respects, this was Wenger at his worst - blinkered, persecution complex to the fore

here are the stats that he twisted in his whinge:

Is manager right about Arsenal statistics?

The figures below for the past three seasons show the Arsenal manager is half right regarding fouls

fouls won

Manchester Utd 1467

Everton 1465

Arsenal 1449

Bolton 1423

Chelsea 1417

Blackburn Rovers 1416

Fulham 1414

Newcastle Utd 1413

Tottenham 1406

Aston Villa 1345

Wigan Athletic 1324

Liverpool 1318

West Ham Utd 1297

Manchester City 1289

Middlesbrough 1286

Portsmouth 1169

fouls conceded

Blackburn Rovers 1598

Bolton 1555

Aston Villa 1548

Everton 1544

Newcastle Utd 1540

West Ham Utd 1523

Portsmouth 1508

Middlesbrough 1494

Wigan Athletic 1475

Manchester City 1442

Fulham 1402

Chelsea 1291

Liverpool 1277

Manchester Utd 1265

Tottenham 1233

Arsenal 1217

yellow cards fouls per booking

Chelsea 172 7.51

Bolton Wanderers 199 7.81

Blackburn Rovers 201 7.95

Arsenal 153 7.95

Manchester Utd 156 8.11

West Ham Utd 183 8.32

Middlesbrough 175 8.54

Newcastle Utd 180 8.56

Fulham 161 8.71

Wigan Athletic 169 8.73

Tottenham Hotspur 141 8.74

Manchester City 164 8.79

Everton 155 9.96

Liverpool 126 10.13

Aston Villa 151 10.25

Portsmouth 147 10.26

That 'fouls per booking' stat confirms what I've long suspected, that we get a rough deal from refs ( as Lamps' red card again proved today). Liverpool foul 30% more per booking than we do (but they do it with dignity and history is on their side).

The number of dodgy red cards we've had in recent years is unbelievable. You just don't see Manure getting them. And when Arsenal players commit red card offences (Eboue, Gallas etc), refs not only ignore them, they also review them and decide their acceptable.

I'm as paranoid as Whinger, but that's because refs ARE out to get us.

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