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FIFA canning the goal-line technology pilot

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Well, i'm guessing that they canned it because the technology isn't up to scratch. In which case, it is the right decision.

Personally, I think that rather than 2 refs, the problem would be solved with two extra linesman.

Keep the single referee and two normal linesmen, and have another 2 officials who permanently sit in line with the goal line at either end (like linesmen in tennis).

They would be in the perfect place to make decisions - wheras the normal linesmen and ref never are.

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I think this is ridiculous that they are scrapping the idea for technology reasons. That cannot be harder than simple technology, harder things get created every day. Now if they scrapped it because of political reasons, or trying to stay true to the game, I can understand a bit more. I mean, even if they couldn't find a way to electronically track the ball past the line, they could simply put a camera on the goal-line, have someone staring at it, and if there is a play in question he rewinds 2 seconds and watches again, done in the blink of an eye.

I could understand two extra linesman, but I think most of the errors don't come from the fact they are running, but more so because they are simply missing the call.

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