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Laugh along with Avram!


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No this is not an analysis of any 'great' Avram press conferences, or even his tactics.

Nope. With all the bad and sad feeling we have I have decided that as most of us are British, gallows humour is required.

So lets all look at a picture of Avram....


Now do one of the following.

1. Say who or what he looks like (humourous prefered...we are supposed to be having a laugh).

- example... 'Undead Larry Grayson' -

2. Have a bet at what he is 'thinking' (again try and be humourous).

- example..."thank god I left the car right outside...i'm offski"

3. Any other funny twist you can think of.

Any additions welcome. I need cheering up! icon_sad.gif

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1+2) A tortoise head with a tortoise head.

Thinking............. '' I'm touching cloth''

or.........''I should have gone with the brown trousers''

or....''what colour are we playing in?

or.....''I wonder if I put 'her' bottle of piss in the fridge this morning''

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1) Baron Greenback taking it big time from Danger Mouse.

2) (bare in mind he's wearing a Portsmouth coat in the picture), "someone that sounds just like my mate Roman just called me offering me the Chelsea manager's job.........'arry do your Russian voice again???"

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Save all this for the likes of Wenger and Benitez - just coz hes a crap manager theres no need to get personal

So start one up about Wenger then.

Personally I have defended this man (all for nought) and he promised me entertainment...I am finally getting some. Some of these comments are great!

My mate says...Avram is saying, "wanna pooooooo"! 431.gif

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1. Baron Greenback after seeing a naked Dangermouse flashing a "Jose's coming to kill Chelsea" tattoo on his arse.

2. "I wonder if I keep drinking the wife's piss will I wake up one morning thinking and looking like Jose Mourinho?"

3. "So we've got 5 minutes to go, I've got to start thinking tactics now right?"

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