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Jose or Rafa

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I doubt Rafa would last one seaons at Barca, if they are wanting a manager who will help them win La Liga, Rafa has shown he can't compete in league competitions. Cup competitions, and in particular the CL he has a great record, however...they are talking of getting rid of Rijkaard becasue he can't bring in la Liga...then why would they look at Rafa?

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On top of that, unless Humpty can change something about his tactical approach, he would get BATTERED in spain where style is as important as wins. Look at Capello! "Win the league and restore us to dignitiy, yeah, thanks but your style is terrible so good luck elsewhere"

Rafa would last about two games with Deco ping-ponging longballs off Peter Crouch's anemic dome

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