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What was wrong with JT tonight?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I was up in the MHU and as soon as the final whistle went, he stormed off the pitch, grabbing his captains armband off his arm and stormed off down the tunnel without acknowledging the fans, his team mates or his management team.

Very disappointed with that, esp, when Ballack and all his team mates made an effort to come up to us all at the end. Thought Ballack really acted like a captain tonight.

What is wrong with JT then? is he really fretting about not being Capello's no. 1 captain? If so, he should grow up and think about his club who pays him. I love JT but he must realise that there is so much to play for now for Chelsea Football Club until the end of the season...

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Who knows? Who cares? I doubt it's anything to do with England, could be a number of things. Something could be wrong with his kids, his wife, his parents, siblings... ANYTHING. Maybe he heard something about Carlo, maybe he went to hunt Ben-Haim...

JT always aknowledges the crowd, win lose or draw. When we lost to Liverpool in the CL last season, he spent quite a bit of time in front of our fans.

Don't blow it out of proportion.

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JT hasn't acknowledged the crowd as much this season TBH. No sign of him at the end in Istanbul or at Barnsley.

Hopefully, he is okay though - think he was aggrieved at the Kalou/Belletti sub last night. Really did affect our shape and could have cost us. Avram eventually made amends by bringing Malouda on.

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Maybe this explains some of it?


Got this taken off his [A.Cole] Daily Mail interview too:

However, Cole has told his team they will have to play a lot better than they did against the Turks to become European champions.

He said: "The other night we came off the pitch disappointed because of the way we played, even though we had just got through to a semi-final

"We looked like we had lost, but they were getting through our defensive lines too easily and we were far too stretched. But two months ago we were in a bad position and now we are fighting on all fronts."

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