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We lost the title at home

The Brit

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Our fortress has actually proved our nemesis...we maybe 80 home games unbeaten but six draws at home is not good enough...in 2005-6 we won 18 home games and drew one, amazing record and unsurpsingly we won the title...we went for it at home always...jose would always see a draw as a bad result and if we weren't winning he'd attack...grant seems to have been more worried about not losing the home record than going for the points...

This year we have drawn at home to Wigan, Liverpool, Everton, Aston Villa, Fulham and Blackburn, with the last one admittedly under jose. But we should be beating all of those teams at home if we want to be crowned champions

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good point, but you just have to compare our home form with united's...they have 49 pts at home compared to our 39...we have the best away record in the country but it counts for nothing if you don't win your home games...

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It's not really that simple though. In Jose's first year we drew 5 matches at home - Tottenham, Man City, Bolton, Birmingham, Arsenal - but we still walked the league.

Yeah, I can also remember the Jose comment about Spurs "parking the bus" in that 0-0.

And last season we drew at home to Fulham & Reading so it wasn't all great then either.

No, I think we've lost it because frankly we just haven't been good enough - home or away.

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I agree this is not good enough, a team like Chelsea should dominate at home and not drop so many points, the fact is that dropping points in games like them are what has stopped us catching up with mank utd. We need luck now, and i doubt we will get it in the title run-in.If we dont get that luck and man utd don't slip up, We will look at those games and know its what costed us the league.

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The difference was that under Mourinho's rule, once ahead we never drew (well hardly ever).

There was a confidence in the players, the fans, even the opposition, that once Chelsea went ahead, the opposition had lost.

That's no longer the case.

Under Mourinho, we drew when we could not score. What was the goals against that year?

Its not necessarily Grant's fault per se, and its very difficult to get that belief back (especially in the opposition :) )

I can't put my finger on why we are draws when we should be getting wins....

You can always argue that we should get the second goal and kill the game, but a ,ook at shots yesterday suggests that wasn't exactly for lack of trying. Sometime the defense/goalkeeper has an inspired day.

I wonder if Jose was stricter with the players in keeping back coverage to avoid breakways though, and for some reason we've become exposed to crosses which given Cech, Terry and Carvalho all being there (generally) isn't easy to explain. Did we dominate the midfield vefore more and just cut off the supply?


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Article in the Times this morning looking at our home record.

Numbers don't add up for Chelsea

Two points. One is fair enough. Although we are still unbeaten at home we have been drawing more and more over the last season and a half.

The other is typical media crap. "Instead of a fortress, Stamford Bridge is more of a community centre where points are shared generously with visiting teams."

80 league games undefeated over 4 years and not an ounce of credit. bar stewards.

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