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Apologies for stating the obvious.

The ex-ref now has a column in the Mail. He never misses an opportunity to slag us off. Each week he has a 'Poll's poser'. This week's poser is:


With the ball on the halfway line, a centre half deliberately treads on the opposing centre forward, who is lying down in the penalty area. If you were the referee would you:

A) Wait for the next stoppage in play and then caution the centre half?

B) Stop play, send off the centre half and restart with a free kick on the halfway line?

C) Stop play, award a penalty and send the centre half off?

ANSWER: C. Luckily for John Terry, the referee missed what looked like a sly dig at Fernando Torres last Tuesday or he would be facing a Champions League ban.

Mind you, at least he's take his tongue far enough out of Gerrard's arse to acknowledge that he's a serial diver:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/a ... ge_id=1951

Mind you he does it in a sick-making way:

It gives me no satisfaction to name and shame him, but I was disappointed by Steven Gerrard last weekend. I have seen Gerrard go to ground too easily before and always thought how silly he looks, because he is not very good at it.
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Graham Poll offering wisdom on refereeing? The Mail are soon to follow this up with:

Advice on international relations by


Advice on keeping a happy home by


Advice on democracy by


Advice on military warfare by


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