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30/4/08. Lampard / Ballack / Both?

Mike O

Who do you play in midfield vs LFC?  

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    • Ballack
    • Lampard
    • Both
    • Neither

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Assuming both are available for tonight, who do you play tonight vs Liverpool? Der Kaiser, Frankie boy or both? Or neither. I have a growing belief that we have nurtured our own England Lamps / Steve G dilemma within the club with Ballack also finding it difficult to express himself alongside Lamps...

So, bearing in mind what Frank must be going through at the mo, what should Grant do?

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I think ballack and lamps can and have played well together- lamps has made goals for ballack while scoring himself on more than one occasion- they also ripped west ham to shreds in half an hour (and they've not recovered since)...

however, though understandable I thought lamps was very poor at anfield, and then essien gave his best central midfield performance since barcelona at home last season. it's tough, but I'd leave lamps to start the game on the bench.

(maka similarly had a poor game and we saw mikel have easily his best game of the season)

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First of all, i have to say Frank Lampard in my opinion is a legend at Chelsea and will go down as one of our greatest plyers, but on this occation i realy feel that Chelsea have to think of him and the team.

I don't feel that Frank will me emotionally fit enough to play any part in this game (not too mention, he may well get stick from the visiting fans) and for that reason Ballack should play alongside Essien and Ferriera keeping his place at right back.

Come on you blue boys

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Agree with everyone pretty much. Ballack starts, Frank doesn't.

For me it's more of a case of who our of Mikel and Maka to partner Ballack and Essien, and im stil not sure who. Big decision for Grant, that's for sure.

Frank on the bench though for sure, and if we go behind and need a goal (please god know) we can always bring him on. A deflected goal would particularly please me as apparently that's all he scores and it would p*ss the Scousers off so so much.

Even typing about the game makes me feel ill, much like last week.

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I would want all three - Lampard, Ballack and Essien to start with all of them playing the game with an attacking mind. No defensive midfielder is required unless the 'Liverfluke' gets too hard to control.

And, Belletti at right-back ofcourse :drinkdrunk:

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That does it, and the credibility of this source does not permit me to say anything other than : "Believe it, believe it!"

Lampard to face Liverpool

FRANK LAMPARD will make an emotional return to action against Liverpool tonight.

The Chelsea midfielder is set to start the Champions League semi-final, second leg at Stamford Bridge.

It will be Lamps' first match since the death of his mum, Pat, from pneumonia last week.

The England man trained with the rest of the team yesterday but only decided he was OK to play this morning.

That means Michael Essien will go to right-back for the Blues who are level at 1-1 on aggregate after last week's first leg at Anfield.


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