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Off With His Head!!!


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From TeamTalk and The Mirror


Widespread reports on Sunday claim Newcastle are considering sacking Barton unless he takes a 50 per cent pay cut.

The former Manchester City man is currently serving a six-month prison sentence for assault and affray leading to calls for Newcastle to axe the England international.

Newcastle are now locked in talks with Barton's representatives about his future and Mort admits a termination of his contract could be an option.

"We are in discussions with his representatives about what is best for the club going forward," Mort told The Sunday Mirror.

"Obviously, we are not going to ignore the fact that he is currently in jail.

"It is too early to say whether Joey being sacked is a possible outcome but we are talking about what the future holds."


If they did sack him, would Newcastle have to pay out as they've ebded his contract early? What a disgrace if they do, okay, they were stupid to sign the racist thug in the first place, but this guy now has a serious criminal record. Utterly horrid human being, I hope he never gets to play football again, every club should take a stand. Okay the hell with it, just ship him off to some remote island with no food.

Urgh, I dispise this... this... poor excuse of a human being.

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As its said here, they were utterly braindead to let Allardyce sign him in the first place. He is clearly a very stupid, troubled young man, not at all the kind of personality you want to bring in when you are trying to make WINNERS out of your team.

I can see them sacking him for sure, I just dont know who would bother to sign him next. Maybe a relegation struggler out of desperation, but surely even the likes of Stoke and Hull have their decency.

Whatever. The little farker has no sympathy from me, and I for one hopes he makes criminal enterprises a profession because he had his chance on a football pitch and blew it. Im sure there are thousands of other kids out there in England alone that would kill for the chance Joey Barstard had and threw away like a cigar into a teammates eye.

Seriously, at least Craig Bellamy opens football schools in Africa. What has this lout ever done good on this earth?

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sorry gem, how do you know he's racist? his brother is another person (and wasn't he raised away from joey), and while I think he has shown himself to be a lamentable person, I don't recall any evidence towards him being a racist. this kind of thing is levelled at jt from some without any evidence whatsoever and I find it a bit... unfair.

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Fair enough G4, I didn't back up my statement. I may be wrong, but I thought Ousmane Dabo told the court that Barton called him a "n*gger" before he decked him. Pretty sure I read it somewhere 300.gif .

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I don't recall there being any racist angle in the many Barton incidents, he is just a pathetic thug with a bully boy mentality. Maybe you are confusing one of the many Barton incidents with Lee Bowyer's offences Gem.

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