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.wma Converting To .mp3

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SO, for the past couple of days I'd been of work due to illness. During that time, I decided to rip all my cd's into my laptop, via Windows Media Player. After about 20+ cd's I realized that I was ripping them as .wma files rather than .mp3's

I understand that if I were to install iTunes, it would be easy to take the mp3 files from windows media player to iTunes, but not the .wma files.

So, my question is, how can I convert the files from wma to mp3? Or will I have to just rip the cd's again? Also, is there any way for me to tell what songs are wma and what are mp3 easily?

Thanks in advance


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I use SUPER Converter (converts just about any media format to just about any other media format) and Wavepad editor. Doesn't iTunes automatically convert wmas into its own format anyway, or are you insisting on only mp3s?

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