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Makelele And SWP

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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How do you feel about these two leaving?

I was always a massive fan of both (I was always pretty sorry that SWP got left out of the team so regularly...), and I was pretty sad to hear that they had left.

How do you feel?

makas legs had gone, swp`s legs were never there....

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Maka can leave with his head held high, we have Mikel to take over, and Essien or Ivanovich can play that position too.

SWP had plenty chances, and although he could outrun his own football, he couldn't do much else. Wasn't ever going to break into the first team in regularity


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Maka was a legend and I will never forget him. In fact I have last year's home top and next time im getting names printed, his will be @ the top of my list

SWP was a lesson, one that we apparrently learned looking at the Robinho saga. Dont pay over the odds unless its a known quality you're getting.

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