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Guthrie And That Assault On Saturday

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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The Newcastle player who broke Fagan of Hull's leg in a wild kick will not have any extra punishment, just the standard 3-match ban:

"The FA doesn't have the power to extend automatic suspensions.

"The only circumstances in which we could take any further action would be to issue an additional charge against a player.

"This occurs only in exceptional cases, such as Ben Thatcher's challenge on Pedro Mendes in 2006."

I thought it was such a violent and deliberate kick that it did warrant being considered an 'exceptional case'. And that's nothing to do with the leg being broken, just the thuggish, Roy Keane-style nature of it.

But, then look where the Barcodes signed him from.

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i wonder if we will have every sports writer, every moronic fan and everyone on tv talking about this. we have had that about terry, and it wasnt anywhere near as controversial as this. will patrick collins have a full page spread on how football is falling apart? will the times online have a blog from their esteemed writers on how the fa dont understand football? i doubt it somehow.

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