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Dubious goal committee


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The dubious goal committee has apparently ruled that Salomon Kalou's 2nd goal against Middlesborough was in fact an own goal which means they've taken it away from Sala.

What is really the point of a dubious goals committee? Do these bags of sh*te actually get paid to sit on the committee? Do they come from Brussels? Do I care what they think?

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Let me get this straight - there is a committee at the FA, i.e. a bunch of employed people, my guess is 5 or 7, that sits down every week, watches replays of every goal and decides whether deflections leading to said goals were significant enough to take the goal away from the goalscorer and put the stigma of an Own Goal to a defender ? :blink:

So that's legal, but pot isn't ? ;)

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This is news to me too, Virosh! How long has this been going on? What a swizz! You might just as well play virtual footie and forget about the thing that's happening in real time. Wasn't there a film about that once, only it was that weird fight where occasionally a game of football breaks out? American football?

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