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  1. Finally we can watch a Chelsea game and feel relaxed! Feels so good.
  2. Moss is actually having a good game. That must be a first.
  3. Got to have some fresh legs for the Community Shield you know.
  4. The referee was excellent. Can't believe we have to deal with clowns like Atwell and Moss when there obviously exist better referees out there.
  5. Man of the match! https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/0269-12650d446385-97137fef37d2-1000/
  6. Tuchel you sexy beast! Also, am so happy that Dave gets to win Champions League with us!!!
  7. I was right about 3 out of 5 wins, but the fact that it would play out like this I could have never imagined. Also, that Liverpool would go on that winning streak I did not see coming.
  8. That's basically our season summed up. Dominate them, not scoring and then conceding a flukey goal or a stupid and avoidable penalty . At least it's very apparent what needs to be changed next season and getting CL football will make that much easier.
  9. Me neither - if VAR had not continued to f**k us over game after game we would have wrapped out this sooner. Still, today was a huge relief.
  10. I think it'll be enough if we win 3 out of our 5 remaining games as I think both Liverpool and West Ham will lose another game each. Should be doable!
  11. Hopefully, West Ham will start dropping some points soon when the opposition stops giving them so much space to run into.
  12. Without the help of VAR Kevin Friend would not have given us the penalty. That's insane!
  13. Good that this weekend turned out okay for us despite the loss. And that we now got Everton away out of our way.
  14. Great game, always nice to beat these spanish teams with their usual antics. So, we can essentially play the kids against Krasnodar and our first team is completely fresh for Everton away. That's really nice.
  15. Our defense have improved massively since last season and bar the odd mistake we look very stable at the back. Soon enough I think we'll start beating the rest of the "top 6 sides".
  16. Last season that would not have happened. Progress in some sense.
  17. I think it all boils down to the fact that we lack leadership and authority in the central defense. This is because among our CBs there are no leaders and Kepa is certainly of no help either in that depertment.
  18. This, I don't think we need a complete overhaul in the defensive line if we can just bring in some stability. I think Zouma and Christensen are good enough but they need a more stable player around to really shine - think of it as our Virgil Van Dijk. Also, a keeper that doesn't throw balls in our own net would be most welcome. I was hoping that Rüdiger would stabilize our defense. But sadly, I don't think he's good enough for us.
  19. Yeah, that's just bizarre. Not anything new really, but the implementation of VAR is a farce.
  20. Was the Kovavic second yellow checked by VAR or does that only apply for direct reds? If it actually was checked, that's bewildering. Sometimes I just wish we'd be more pragmatic. Up 1-0 and playing against Arsenal who has very quick players - maybe we don't need to play that high line? It's just asking for trouble with our slow and suspect defense.
  21. Unbelievable game. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.
  22. My livescore app says 0-9 fouls commited - can that be right? Ridiculous.
  23. If we needed to win, but now we can even afford to concede 2. Also, as Wolves needs to win, can't see us not scoring at least another goal on the counter.
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