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  1. Best possible ending to a rollercoaster season. The football being played is questionable but it's hard to complain when finishing 3rd and having the EL final to look forward to. Arsenal are so predictable...when nothing's on the line they finally win an away game in the league.
  2. I'd be more worried if we played Arsenal over two legs, but this is a final and thus a single game where anything can happen. We will be up for this but can at the same time be relaxed since we already have CL locked up - Arsenal have way more to lose and probably will be more nervous. It'd hate it if it was the other way around!
  3. Can't believe Jorginho still does that penalty thing where he jumps. He sort of got busted against City and looked rather foolish.
  4. No way Frankfurt will be able to maintain this high pressing - they'll get knackered as they did in the first leg and we'll hopefully get the second.
  5. I don't get the negativity - I feel that getting CL football next season got some weight off our shoulders. We will win tonight!
  6. Feels pretty good that we don’t have to get a resultat against Leicester. They’re solid.
  7. Imagine if we win the EL-final against Arsenal...it will be the best episode of AFTV ever. Speaking of the EL, Frankfurt apparently lost 1-6 today. I don't know if they rested a lot of players but that'd be rather stupid since they haven't secured a top 4 finish in Bundesliga yet.
  8. I think the team more or less will be on the beach and there'll be rotation. It's EL and silverware all the way now. Anyway, I'm not sure that Spurs will win against Everton so I think that a draw will be sufficient to finish 3rd.
  9. Icing on the cake...we'll get ArsenalFanTV tonight.
  10. Yeeeees! On the beach against Leicester. ? So happy right now!
  11. Son and Kane out as well. It's good that we have it in our hands but also some lifelines.
  12. Yes Higuain! 1-2 goals more would be fantastic.
  13. Can Gale just shut the f**k up for crying out loud?

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