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  1. Are you serious? They deserved all 3 points?
  2. United play Liverpool away the next game though, so there's a good chance to extend the lead. And Leicester are curently losing, thats good news.
  3. Burnley players are actually getting booked. Nice to see for a change.
  4. Haha, he sounded so happy when he thought it had been ruled offside and then suddenly became disappointed when he made the realization...
  5. Might be "famous last words"...but now I feel confident!
  6. The inferior opposition gets the first yellow...I thought it was part of the rules that one of our players gets the first booking of the game.
  7. 4 against 3...have to do better than that!
  8. We almost never look dangerous on set pieces. For our opposition, every set piece is a scoring oppurtunity...
  9. Sean Dyche will cry about that decision 😂
  10. I wonder when we will see "Son crimes" as the headline?
  11. 11-22 fouls...really telling of how he fell for their antics.
  12. We should have won that game. They were extremley open at the back at 1-2, we should have capitalized and killed the game. However, all things considered the draw is fine. Now we just have to beat Lille and we don't have to play on Thursdays. I'll take that.
  13. If we draw tonight and beat Lille, we have 11 points. If Valencia and Ajax draw, Valencia has 9 points...

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