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  1. You don’t get to criticize or question my fandom. I don’t do that with any other poster here. As a donor and American that pays extra money to watch games every. Single. Time. We. Play. I have earned the right to post in frustration. Was it an emotional response? Yes. It’s the game day thread.
  2. He isn't a regular starter, is oft injured, comes on as a substitute and demands to take the penalty ahead of proven PL players and proven pen takers. The real person to blame is azpi. He needs to step in and remove ross and put someone else up there who has earned the right to take penalties in the CL. Ross has done nothing to earn it I don't care how many training ground pens he makes.
  3. Why has ross barkley taken the pen? Unbelievable. Of all the people who might even remotely deserve it he is NOT one
  4. We are giving the ball away far too easily. Careless play this half
  5. Barkley is terrible. I’d rather willian start wide and move mount to the midfield. And that’s saying something considering how i feel about Willian.
  6. This second half is absolutely atrocious. Should have lost this game and if we continue to play like that it’s going to be a longgggggg season
  7. This is tough to watch. Getting run out of the bridge.
  8. Pulisic has been silent. Mount has been poor. This is looking like a loss the longer the game goes on.
  9. Completely deserved. We have been horrid this half.
  10. Seems pretty familiar. Whole lot of possession, nothing to show for it.
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