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  1. Whats the benefit of not appealing? If they don't overturn, we serve it. If they do overturn, we get back either 1 or both windows. Is someone being last and just doesn't like paperwork?
  2. Look no further than your avatar
  3. Same. My favorite ever Chelsea player. His attitude and skill are going to be missed. I was hard on him during the jose last season fiasco. But he is on another level skill wise and we struggle to do ANYTHING productive in the final third when he is not on the pitch. Ultimately I think the move to real is bad in the long term. English football is on the rise - all the best coaches, majority of the best players, etc. Real fans will whistle him when he doesn't score hat tricks every game. I wish him the best, I truly do. I got an autographed top from him and It's framed in my bedroom. He IS a Chelsea legend. Good luck Eden, even if it breaks my heart to see you in Madrid. Do us one last favor and rip arsenal a new one
  4. I am never wrong how dare you insinuate otherwise.
  5. LOL. Complete;ly unmotivated and I honestly did not think we would come out and look this poor.
  6. We are the best team in the universe at throwing our hands up in the air when something doesn't go our way. Instead of, you know, trying to win the ball back.
  7. Im so tired of willian and I was one of his biggest supporters
  8. We don't have a prayer in hell. We look so bad this half it's astounding. Liverpool press is all over us and we haven't got a chance of getting out. Klopp totally figured Sarri out
  9. We are totally dominated. Gross football by us

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