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  1. He isn't a regular starter, is oft injured, comes on as a substitute and demands to take the penalty ahead of proven PL players and proven pen takers. The real person to blame is azpi. He needs to step in and remove ross and put someone else up there who has earned the right to take penalties in the CL. Ross has done nothing to earn it I don't care how many training ground pens he makes.
  2. We got the best years out of Eden. He will always be remembered as a Chelsea player first. Who knows, he may come back in his golden years to grace us once more
  3. Whats the benefit of not appealing? If they don't overturn, we serve it. If they do overturn, we get back either 1 or both windows. Is someone being last and just doesn't like paperwork?
  4. Look no further than your avatar
  5. Same. My favorite ever Chelsea player. His attitude and skill are going to be missed. I was hard on him during the jose last season fiasco. But he is on another level skill wise and we struggle to do ANYTHING productive in the final third when he is not on the pitch. Ultimately I think the move to real is bad in the long term. English football is on the rise - all the best coaches, majority of the best players, etc. Real fans will whistle him when he doesn't score hat tricks every game. I wish him the best, I truly do. I got an autographed top from him and It's framed in my bedroom. He IS a Chelsea legend. Good luck Eden, even if it breaks my heart to see you in Madrid. Do us one last favor and rip arsenal a new one
  6. Jorginho's limitations have been evident all year once teams started man marking. We need a new way of playing. Our fans shouldn't be booing people off the pitch unless they literally give up and stop fighting. Jorginho tries, he's just incredibly limited.
  7. I wouldn't say best player, but he was very, very good. Defensively he put in a great shift. Also his technical ability in the team is second only to hazard. He has some crazy tricks. Passing was great. His problem is he has no end product, which is what is required of him in that role.
  8. Well this club has always used the academy as a means to make money, not a means to build a squad. Outside of a few outliers it's been a pretty successful business model. Problem is we end up with a bunch of mercenaries who fold at the first sign of adversity, no matter who the manager is.
  9. Three players in our squad consistently show the heart and desire I would expect from a championship caliber team: Kante, Azpi, Rudiger. Everyone else has no heart.
  10. Jorginho is so limited it's baffling the fee we paid for him. As said above he lacks proficiency in any particular skillset, other than arguably understanding how Sarri wants to implement his football. He touches the ball a bunch but can't dribble. All his passes are sideways or backward. He cannot properly defend when teams counter as he lacks real physicality and pace. I would really like to see kovacic in this role. His defensive ability alone would really help.
  11. He is fantastic with the ball at his feet...great dribbler. He can pass and has good vision, with high work rate can put in a good tackle and track. But you are right he does not offer enough of a goal threat.
  12. I would also play him in Jorginhos spot. Jorginho has shown time and again this season his lack of defensive football and work rate. He just sprays the ball from side to side and backwards. I get it, he recycles possession and gets a lot of touches, but he can easily be marked and when put under loads of pressure he folds. Kovacic Barkley and Kante sounds more dangerous to me.
  13. We are so vastly superior when Eden is on the left and giroud is up too. It’s no secret we are more dangerous this way. Problem is giroud cannot play 90 mins and morata just isn’t cut out for premier league.
  14. The Kante goal then halftime...totally different game after that
  15. But tbf, don't you think Hazard links up better with Giroud? I do. The problem is Giroud cannot play 90 minutes and isn't going to ever score enough goals for the team. He is a true target man though with skill, he can flick and lay off with ease unlike Morata.
  16. the question has (for quite some time now) stopped being about whether or not Eden wants to go to Real Madrid. The question is whether he be happy to stay at chelsea? Would he truly be OK being a chelsea player for the rest of his career? Will more money actually make a huge impact on his decision to stay, or has he already told the club his decision and that is why we are not negotiating? I fear he has made up his mind. And from a logical, objective perspective it makes sense.
  17. Where does his finishing stand on a scale of 10 - Morata
  18. Yep. Courtois is probably the best in the world at corners and set pieces simply because due to his height he can come and punch or catch balls that most keepers cannot. He also will pull off spectacular looking saves when he has time to adjust his positioning and track the ball because of his enormous frame. But outside of that, if we are talking pure shot stopping, he's not that great. And terrible with his feet.
  19. Real needs young talent. They are an aging roster and they have basically no resale value on their top players. Buying a 28 year old isn’t going to help them in the long run. I question whether they will make a big push for Eden. They are unlikely to pay anything above 100m for him and will probably try to even reduce that by adding kovacic to the deal. Chelsea is on the up and up, real is declining. With that said though it’s hard to keep someone from their childhood dream. I know if it was me, and I had the opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream, I would do anything to get it.
  20. He has said he is open to talks with Chelsea over a contract. Why would he say that if he isn't open to the idea of staying at Chelsea longer? He may sign a 2 year extension with a "handshake" that if RM come and offer big money due to the extension then we must sell him. If they don't come knocking he can stay here with us and play some fantastic football with a squad on the ascent. That's a win-win for Hazard and the club I would think. He has earned every bit of option he can get. He's all class and is a fantastic footballer.
  21. I like Kovacic as a player and he is really helping our team offensively and defensively. The problem is Real Madrid will not likely sell to us unless one of two conditions is met: 1. Hazard goes the other way (obviously they will need to add cash) 2. We pay an astronomical fee to acquire him. I don't know what Kovacic contract situation is but RM are not likely to be keen for a sale. Especially if their struggles continue throughout the season.
  22. Agree he had that terrible giveaway and if not for a brilliant save from Kepa would have equalized. But I guess my point is no matter what way you look at it, Moses came on and was worse. Willian got us out of tricky situations plenty (especially first half) and was very creative. As far as a creative outlet for us he's our second best player on the ball and is needed in close games and tight spaces. Moses comes on and tries to take on players but stumbles over his own two feet/backheels it to no one. If Willian was tired, that is another thing. I agree regarding Pedro. I think Pedro suits the playstyle much better and sharing the position between the two is very important to our success going forward.
  23. good game today from William. Puzzling why we brought Moses on
  24. Ummmm the guy was very good today. He put in a shift defensively too as well as getting forward at a high rate. Showed great composure in our half carrying the ball forward. Solid player who I hope improves and stats here.
  25. Honestly what’s the point of these international friendlies, especially after a WC. Basically no break for certain players and then are forced to travel and play meaningless games with a new team, completely rushing injury and breaking chemistry at the club level. It’s so stupid
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