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  1. Malcolm MacDonald run the 100m in 10.9 seconds. I believe that was inside Olympic qualifying time in the mid 70s. Agree with footballers generally not doing well. Especially the likes of Stan Bowles who liked a fag
  2. Bestie said to the ref “ you are a f**king disgrace” Afterwards he reckoned he was talking to himself not the ref!
  3. He used to start his run up for an Eddie goal kick well out wide and run across the line- similar run up to a high jumper- don’t remember him scoring many headed goals but his speciality was the flick on- Gary Speed who was bit taller also had a great leap, as did Frank Sinclair ( the grey cells aren’t functioning too well, what was the controversial incident when he moved to Leicester- didn’t he accidentally lay out the ref or similar)?
  4. Booked about 5 seconds after kick off v Sheff Utd. We had a few brutes in the early 90s, Cascarino, Wise, Hartford, Peter Nicholas
  5. That Celtic “ friendly” at the Bridge 15 odd years ago was a lively affair. There were hundreds of chaps from the outside Fulham Broadway Station all the way down to the main entrance looking for someone to clump ( lots of Glasgow Rangers and a smattering of Millwall who Chelsea generally get on with BTW) I saw Celtic scarfers get laid into that night, which I wouldn’t normally approve of, but they were singing pro IRA songs. No where near enough police on duty. Surprised the fixture went ahead in the first place.
  6. I couldn’t get a ticket for the semi at Highbury. Resorted to ringing the Wimbledon ticket office and had a chat along the lines of “ No I can’t prove that I’m a Wimbledon fan. There’s no way your gonna shift your allocation, just sell me a bloody ticket pretty please” No dice
  7. In no order... America- Ventura Highway Sivuca - Ain’t No Sunshinej Space and Cerys Matthews- Ballad of Tom Jones Matt Monroe- Who Can I Turn To Ella Fitzgerald- Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered Soulsearcher- Feeling Love Beach Boys- Sail on Sailor Lonnie Liston Smith- Expansions Bassheads- Is There Anybody Out There Leroy Hutson- Feel the Spirit
  8. Do linesman check the studs of incoming subs anymore? Haven’t noticed it in a good while so guess it’s now done in the changing rooms. I remember nylon screw ins used to get sharp round the edges when you walked on concrete. Every once in a while you’d change your studs and the nylon would get separated and you’d just have the metal thread- used to play with a nutter who loved a tackle who was known as the flying mallet. The joke was he used to sharpen his studs before a game. I used to sometimes pick him up for a Sunday Football. Used to have to ring the doorbell and stand in the front garden so he could tell who it was- he had a few enemy’s....
  9. I don’t remember wearing anything but kicks from about 11 to 16, and I think they were ordered from a Freemans or Janet Fraser catalogue- they would have got bashed about because we played football every break on a tarmac surface. Adidas Ringo was an upgrade; don’t remember owning a pair but think I had some Roms maybe in the 5th form. Left school in 82 and straight into Stan Smiths probably. When I started secondary my best mate wore Adidas Premier football boots with a dash of green piping on the heel. They were pretty rare back then, but if you google them there’s zipppo on the internet- it’s as though they never existed. In about 81 a few schoolmates went on a tour with their Youth Team to Holland, and came home with some real eyecatchers- Puma boots with orange sash, etc
  10. My Mum sometimes watched me play for the school team up until I went to Secondary and my old Man was constant ferrying me around for Saturday and Sunday Youth Football. Looking back though about half of kids parents had no interest and never saw their kids play even once. Generation thing maybe or does that still happen now?
  11. Pumps we called them. People used to tie the laces together and drape them on their shoulders. In about 75 we played an interschool 5-Aside tournament on a boarded over swimming pool. After the first game our teacher noticed that kids with plimsolls were falling over less than those with trainers- cue some mothers going home to pick up old footwear that had been discarded for Winfield Trainers or for fortunate children Adidas Kick
  12. Wee Hughie Gallaper, Super Frankel Lampard, Craig Burleigh, Eddie Newton Abbot
  13. Wee Hughie Gallaper, Super Frankel Lampard, Craig Burleigh, Eddie Newton Abbot
  14. Same as you rewatching Sopranos with them all outside the Pork Store in trackies looking like they’ve just come out of a Benidorm Karoake Bar. ( Series 4 there a large dollop of Fila product placement occurring) I was in Wetherspoons round the back of Lime St Station Liverpool in the summer. A fella who caught my notice was about 70 with wearing a full Adidas tracksuit with socks tucked in and white Lacoste trainers. As a rule, I don’t wear anything with the label on the outside, other than the odd polo shirt at work. Other things a bit naff in middle age IMO are ironic T-Shirts like the one with the arrow “ I’m with this idiot” and tight skinny jeans. Ps anyone remember a geyser who used to go to away games in the 80s known as No Coat John, for obvious reasons?
  15. Brian Moore was a Gillingham fan, who freakily went to the same school as Barry Davies and the cricketing commentator Peter West ( Cranbrook in Kent)
  16. Made the hairs on me backside stand up.
  17. Suprised to see people in roll necks and jackets? It was a hot day from memory
  18. I took an FA Prelim coaching course in 88 to spending a summer in the States with kids in a soccer camp. Charlie Cook was part of the set up but I never met him, and ended up deciding not to go. Mates that did go said he was unbelievably skilful, probably more so than in his pomp because he played with a ball all day every day. One of the lads said he was the best five-aside player he’d ever seen, and he would have been about the 40 mark. I had another mate who was on Palaces groundstaff when Cookie was there- a Scottish lad called Billy Patterson who went on to play semi pro and was one of the fastest players I ever played with- he said Cookie left him and everyone else for dead in a sprint
  19. Peabo Bryson having a crafty snout outside of the Green Man in Ewell
  20. Real real button down shirts, boy next door types!
  21. Funnily enough I met a lovely sort the week before lockdown whose surname is Pickersgill. My hours daily exercise is lying on the bed thinking of her. Wound her up the other day by saying with a name like that she must keep chickens, to which she replied “ what in a Rainhill dormer bungalow you soft ....” David Hay was the first CFC transfer I remember, straight after the 74 World Cup
  22. Walked from Victoria to the Bridge once early 80s. No District Line due to Bomb Scare- loads of the crowd in same boat and arrived midway through first half. Dont imagine there were many pubs in London with a higher turnover than the big one opposite the coach station.

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