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  1. Before my time but heard we did well outside the ground after in 75, when the locked out Chelsea got involved. I took a serious dig off one of our own at WHL in 91- mistaken identity.
  2. Cheers. If I was a betting man I’d have gone with Man Utd from that era, who were the biggest draw in football at the time. So the last 70,000 and 60,000 plus gates were versus Rottenham, and the last 50,000 plus was Boxing Day 76 v Fulham.
  3. I may be wrong but believe the money Roman has put in is a loan and would be recouped in the sale price.
  4. Plough Lane was another crap surface, but they probably liked it that way cause it stopped the opposition playing it around. sh*t surface that we had, remenber as a kid being at the front of the benches and noticing the crown and being well impressed- higher in the middle than the flanks to aid drainage I guess- you didn’t see that at the likes of Banana Park Battersea.
  5. They never put a roof on the Clock End because shade would inhibit grass growth- or so a Gooner mate told me. Not a bad ground Highbury in its day to be fair; never saw us win there till the League Cup in 99. Edit: when I first went there both stands had enclosures at the bottom. Two big ends- they must have had one of the largest standing/ seating ratios out there when capacity was 63,000 Ps Anyone know when the last 60,000 plus gate was recorded at the Bridge?
  6. Not certain about land being more valuable for residential development right now- most zone 2 projects are struggling to sell units due to reduced foreign investment. Other major sites are being temporarily mothballled. Sands End Gasworks would have been great, however I’m not sure there’s enough land left there now to accommodate a stadium.
  7. Phil Parks has got a sod of a haircut. Pat Jennings had a similar one.
  8. I took an ex girlfriend. We were in the West Stand- cracking atmosphere. Funilly enough I met her for the first time in twenty years on Saturday.
  9. It’s very easy to be the high god Pep Just surround yourself with the best players out there and wait for the plaudits to roll in. June Whitfield could have managed Barca, Bayern, Citeh and got the same results.
  10. Agree re what was he supposed to say. Arsene Wenger coined the expression “ football lies” Eg I didn’t see the penalty incident. So and so is not for sale We’re all behind the gaffer I wonder how they keep a straight face sometimes yet obviously some posters here take it all at face value.
  11. Great crowd celebrations in our end, which looked full but not ram jammed. Always thought it was difficult to go really mad when packed like sardines ala Boxing Day at QPHa when you’d struggle to lift your arms up.
  12. Would rather watch the washing machine go round than a televised ceremony. Bit like any wedding- girls enjoy the Church bit whereas blokes can’t wait to escape for a fag and get bolloxed at the reception. Got married on the hottest day ever in this country. Is was that boiling thought the vicar was gonna dunk his arse in the font.
  13. I like Danny Baker and can’t believe for an intelligent bloke he slipped up so royally. Then again in the present climate it only takes a momentary lapse of judgement and your careers in tatters. My 78 year old Mum sent me on WhatsApp the same picture. She’s not a racist, it’s just sick humour. Laughing at things you shouldn’t laugh at. Half the BBC executives probably saw the same picture on WhatsApp and had a private chuckle. Its a joke FFS. The difference is he got caught, and there’s only one way that scenario was gonna play out.
  14. I’m working here at the moment. Can’t see how there would ever have been room for a stadium within the existing structure ( big upturned table) Possibly room on the outside but that’s all flats.
  15. I’m working here at the moment. Can’t see how there would ever have been room for a stadium within the existing structure ( big upturned table) Possibly room on the outside but that’s all flats.
  16. I don’t know his name but have seen him about over the years. One of those “ how’s it going mate” fellas there’s countless of at football.
  17. What is it with this site and miserablist fans? It’s as though being ultra sceptical and pesssimistic somehow has more levity than a positive outlook. Cheer up. It might never happen.
  18. I see Eddie Large came down the tunnel with the players at full time. If I’m not mistaken, strangely enough he used to sit in the City dug out during games. I think there was a bit of a hoo haaar at ours that season when we didn’t let him sit in the away dug out. F....g weird when you think about it. A fat comic being allowed in the inner sanctum
  19. Have you had your 50th yet Chi? Got this for mine off a CFC mate whose known me for 35 years. The backs engraved and he spelt my name wrong. Never had the heart to tell him.
  20. I think if we win that there’s a good chance we’ll get promoted. Fingers crossed. Ps three games to go

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