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  1. Between the ages of 12 to 16 used to get in the Shed really early- like this pic used to spread out, read the programme from cover to cover, watch the warm up. That changed start of 82/83 when started to get in the pubs. It went from being in 2 hours before kick of kick off to 5 minutes, or 15 minutes into the game if you’d “ got the taste”
  2. Out of twenty one players, Choppers the only one with hair cut above the ears. Some lovely Barnet’s on display there- Graham Wilkins included
  3. I think this is outside the Black Bull after Barnsley 84
  4. Billy Bremner could have been a Chelsea player. According to Wikipedia he came down for trials with us and Arsenal in 59, was offered terms by both, didn’t fancy London and signed for Leeds. 10 stone of barbed wire he was described as.
  5. I know we got caned 5-2. Can’t remember whether Simonsen was playing.
  6. First time I went to the Valley was 82/83 Pretty sure the East Side terrace was still open. The blokes I went with remarked our end was not as full as previous trips. Havent been there since 2004/2005 but a good meeting point was always the big pub by Waterloo East.
  7. Is this the game which led to the away travel ban 76/77?
  8. Mick Flanagan there for Charlton. Think him and his strike partner Derek Hales once had a fight during a game. Both bearded gyppo types Edit: It was a cup tie v Maidstone. Hales didn’t make an easy pass, so Flanagan called him a one bollocked bastard. They both got sent off.
  9. When Terry broke into the team he regularly hit superb long diagonal balls ala Frank Lebouf. That aspect of his game petered to pretty much nothing when JM took over. He played in the juniors and I think the ressies as a midfielder.
  10. I remember when Man City were sometimes called the Chelsea of the North- overshadowed by neighbours, sleeping giants etc. I haven’t seen to many kids or glory hunters walking round in City shirts in London since they’ve started winning things, which is a bit surprising. I did like going to Maine Rd. Went to one of the last games played there in 2001/2002. Got the bus back to Deansgate after- full on Mancs- had a Blue is the Colour Ringtone on me phone which I forgot to turn off- luckily killed it after about two bars of the song before attracting the ire of the natives
  11. Welcome back Yorkie.
  12. Sounds like a good excuse for an old CFC Boys reunion/ Pissup next April
  13. That’s 70/71 Season judging by our badge. Strange the opposition didn’t have a club crest on the shirt. Not quite sure what the bloke challenging for the ball was trying to achieve- he’s pulling a right face
  14. Very professional job so far I’d say. Hes coming home, he’s coming home, he’s coming... Frankies coming home... ONE LION ON OUR SHIRT
  15. Taking of football books, anyone remember this map? It came from Desmond Morris’s the Soccer Tribe, 1978
  16. Taking of football books, anyone remember this map? It came from Desmond Morris’s the Soccer Tribe, 1978
  17. Wow. He’s aged. These contract negotiations must have been really tough on him.
  18. Anyone got a lawnmower for the grass that’s grown round me feet whilst waiting for the big announcement?
  19. I’d say journalists with an insight into real transfer intent are an extremely limited edition. The vast majority of occasions IMO there an editor breathing down their neck demanding some sh*t to fill up the paper- they pluck players and interested clubs out of thin air- then enjoy suckers falling for it. Probably does their ego a power of good. Tabloid Hack “ to think over a bowl of porridge that dreamt up that Pedro would be a good match for Inter Milan, and now everyone’s talking about it. Hahahaha
  20. “ Linked with “ in possible the most puerile expression in the football orbit. Basically any journalist anywhere in the world, can magically connect a player with a club, 9 times out of ten it’s entirely fabricated.
  21. Certainly before kick off. As I said I couldn’t really see a lot. 1980 they were by the tea bar surrounded by Chelsea and OB. Watched it from the East Stand with me old man Edit: 77/78 was their most convincing taking of the Shed and they never really did it again surprisingly
  22. 124 goals in 157 games for us. Not too shabby. Agreed with more closely connected to Spurs

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