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  1. Went to the last Home International v Scotland at Wembley. Walking down Wembley Way ankle deep in piss reminded me of that 70s song Yellow River. Massive ruck at the Tunnel End. First time we got our act together
  2. Good point about Tony playing with his food which I always found annoying. His voice when he got angry used to get on my tits- reminds me of Daffy Duck Id imagine the producers got a bit concerned when Tony’s son stopped growing; you don’t often see 20 stone blokes with puny 10 stone sons. From an accuracy point of view, I don’t reckon many mob bosses would pick up a newspaper in an unguarded driveway same time every morning, or go anywhere without a bodyguard for fear of getting whacked. I am nitpicking- best TV series ever, with the possible exception of Runaround with Mike Reid
  3. Whose the bird? Not Marilyn the other one
  4. When JT retired Carragher wrote an article in which he thought him to be the greatest defender in PL History. ( Carragher himself was decent and would have had scores more caps if JT hadn’t kept him out) In one of Peter Crouch book he mentioned he was very cute in buttering up refs in the tunnel- calling them by their first names, asking how family was etc
  5. Picked this up a week or so before lockdown, from a charity shop in Wimbledon Village for £189. Immaculate condition, fits like a turtle dove. They’re £1200 odd new, was gonna put in on eBay but think I’ll hang on.
  6. Ossie enjoyed a drop of red by the look of things. Never seen the bottom pic. Looks like Loftus Rd
  7. There’s some bastard haircuts on show. I don’t normally notice men’s nipples but it must have been a cold day in Mitcham
  8. A bit like the tennis grounds at Wimbledon are officially known as The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
  9. Arsenal invincible’s season was 2003-2004 and they really were strutting round like peacocks. Prior to that it seemed to be either Man U or Arsenal winning the Premiership for 7 years or so previous, and it was getting a bit Celtic / Rangers. 2004- 2005 under JM everything clicked and we won the PL at a canter, and boy did the Arsenal fans I know pull a strop. Even though it was obvious we were becoming a force with serious money being spent on players and a proven manager, they didn’t expect us to upsurp them. From Invisible to invisible. Don’t think they’ve ever got over it. Terrible shame.....
  10. Banana Bobs book Cockney Reds is quite illuminating. Nice enough bloke. A lot of the Cockneys seemed to come from SW London.
  11. I bet Bates was bent out of shape by that shop. Was constantly hectoring fans who spent money in pubs, hot dog stalls, non official merchandise
  12. The old Den had a waste ground hill built on top of what used to be New X Dog Track which allowed a free view of the game “ Jews Hill” it was known as until they stuck up a big advertising hoarding. Went to Withdean Stadium to watch Brighton v Leeds. Couldn’t believe how many people were watching the game perched on the top of trees- it was woodland behind one of the sides. Strong breeze and they’d have another Hillsboro on their hands
  13. The Band were called the Accent. Supposedly Chelsea fans from West London/ Middlesex way. Disappeared without a trace
  14. Worked alongside his brother years ago. Rotherhithe family and he was a bit of a geezer. A mate for a bet appeared in Sutton Utd’s team photo with a clip on Poirot tache one year.
  15. Fulham and QPR. Chelsea fans are apathetic towards them, yet they really dislike us.
  16. Good old Sheila. I wonder how many people were on the club payroll in the 70s/ 80s compared with today?
  17. Yup. Model T Fords were available in any colour you want as long as it’s black, JCB excavators, any colour you want as long as it’s yellow... There was a place at Wallington end of Beddington Lane which had rakes of those light blue 3 wheelers for years
  18. Just where that photo was taken and along to Fulham Town Hall, after the game young Herbert’s would line the pavement ( presumably waiting for away fans but got the impression it was a bit of a pose)
  19. The lattice work on the old stand looks like Archibald Leitch’s work. Proper ground Goodison. Along with both Sheffield Clubs still has on old school feel to it- surprised it didn’t create a better atmosphere- Scousers are known for their wit but it doesn’t seem to translate into football songs- bit of a limited back catalogue “ Everton, Everton, Everton” and that’s about it. I think there are due to upsticks to new ground- wonder whether that’ll get put on ice?
  20. That is highly amusing. I suppose that was the high water mark for rough house football. Quite pleasing we out dirtied dirty Leeds ( 7 red cards to 4)
  21. Terrible news. I think in a way he inspired a generation of keepers- kids playing in parks in the 70s, replica kits weren’t common but saw a good few budding goalies with the green shirt and blue shorts with the stripes- they really went well together - and because he was “ the cat” and known for his agility he introduced a bit of glamour to the position, rather than last pick goes in goal. Struck me as a family man, rather than an out on the town carouser as a lot of his 70s team mates were. RIP Peter Edit: great shame we can’t lay flowers at the Bridge
  22. Met a bloke at TC’s memorial drink the other week that I hadn’t seen for years and used to work with. He steamed into a carriage of Boro at Wembley Park. Cut a long story the doors shut and he was the only Chelsea fan on there. Being non stopping to Baker St he took a bit of a hiding.
  23. What was it with hats back then? Throw them in the air when we scored and end up going home with someone else’s.

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