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  1. I can't speak for Palace but he would not make the Leicester team this season. I can't see them being interested.
  2. I honestly do not understand the "false nine" thing !!! Play a real nine and get some balls into him.
  3. I agree .. A new manager usually need a year to sign his type of player and get his system in place. He really needs a Bona Fide striker though sooner rather than later
  4. I'm not so sure Leicester want him back even at a massive discount. Word is that he is on big wages.
  5. I can see him going to either West Ham or Crystal Palace but not for big money.
  6. I fully understand, I think he's an exceptional keeper but 30 mil is a lot to leave on the table, plus still have to find a keeper next year with less money available.
  7. Isn't he heading into the last year of his contract ? He has to go if he won't re-sign.

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