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  1. For what? Are you surprised that the fans were happy with his arrival? It seems to me that you are too. Maybe in six months you will do my same speech. He is a great player, one of the best strikers in the world. He has the goal record in Serie A. But for us it was a weight, economic and technical, he did not run for 6 months, he did not want to. He arrived as the driver, the second highest paid in the league and after 2 months he gave up. It is better to sell those who do not want to stay. Maybe you should have seen some other Milan game in these 6 months and some less YouTube videos. But maybe Sarri has a magic wand. I just told that we are not sad about it, is the truth.
  2. andrec21


    The problem with this guy is the same, when everything goes wrong he escapes from the game and starts complaining blatantly. The only team that did not do it was Juventus, because they could leave it out having many alternatives. But if you are happy i'm happy :) I'm agree with you, you also should bring back Tammy Abraham, very talented player.
  3. From Milan, we are very very happy that you took this chubby guy, huge and incredible disappointment. if you were looking for a fighter you made a big mistake.
  4. Ty for the correction. Just out of curiosity, why do you have this opinion of Baka?
  5. andrec21


    From Milan, we are very very happy that you take this chubby guy, huge and incredible disappointment. if you were looking for a figheter you made a big mistake.
  6. if it were for me I would buy it tomorrow. I know it's not possible for you, but for us it's a great player.
  7. Trust me, is not like this. Italian football is very complicated, is all about tactics, i can understand if you don't like it, it is not easy to approach. Your football is more direct, more spectacular but more "simple", for example in Italy was impossible for Momo Salah to score more than 30 goals because in Serie A the defences works differently, the defenses of the smaller teams play to cancel the opponents. I'm not saying it's better, maybe the opposite, it's just a matter of culture. This is what foreign teams seeking Italian coaches are looking for. Trust me, if there is one thing we can do is defend :)
  8. Hi guys, i'm an AC Milan supporter, i'm here because Chelsea is my favourite club in PL and because I'm curious about what you think of our recent negotiations. I hope you will forgive some mistakes with my English :)

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