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  1. It's best Pulisic to rest another 1-2 weeks. Otherwise we risk having him injured again and out for much longer. Everyone at my work is hating on Chelsea now due to the new signings. Feels good 🙂
  2. 1. MCI 2. Loserpool 3. Chelsea 4. VARchester If we are in the title race until the last 5-6 rounds that would be a success. Next year, push for the title!
  3. Pretty bad start. Nothing works in attack.
  4. My biggest worry is that we'll be tired. Wolves had a whole week rest so they can physical dominate us. Hope Frank picks the freshest squad.
  5. If we cannot beat Wolves at home what CL are we talking about?
  6. The way Leicester started against Tottenham was very open and attacking. They were unlucky not to score 1-2 goals in the opening minutes. Then Totthenham got them on the counter and it was over. So they can cause issue to VARchester considering they did not play a mid-week game.
  7. Last game was not the worst approach. Double by West Ham, loss and draw to Bournemouth, list goes on.
  8. Indeed. VARchester have been pretty sh*t the last two games and I won't be surprised if Leicester wins that game. Which is fine for us as long as we get a point.
  9. Of course you know better. Why don't you get his job then?
  10. If you're trying to be funny it's not working.
  11. Liverpool haven't lost a game at home yet so I doubt it we'll be the ones to do so but if we can get a point it would be great.
  12. We only need Ollie to play 45 min, do a brace and go relax.
  13. The way Leicester played against Tottenham I was surprised they did not score 1-2 goals so I won't be surprised if they beat VARchester.
  14. Which is why we should go all in against VARchester.
  15. Agent Jose has activated Plan B.
  16. Forget about a point at Anfield three days after a tough 90 or 120 minute game. But hopefully the players prove me wrong.
  17. If we're gonna sit back and get them on the break Giroud is not the best player for that. Tammy is not in form but at least he's got the pace.
  18. Yes, I see your point. Hope they do us a favour.
  19. That is virtually impossible.
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