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  1. A well deserved victory yesterday over Norwich, I've seen some great football and hopefully this continue's in the next games. I'm so happy for Frank, because the first games Chelsea already deserve's to get more points.
  2. We deserve three points yesterday, unfortunately we didn't score the 2-0 and 3-0 in the first- half ! When you don't do that, you know that the opponent will get the confidence, to score 1-2. Hopefully the next-game we play like in the first-half and kill the game.
  3. Can't see the match unfortunately, but I hope the play a good level of soccer.
  4. These type of games are just to get fit for the games, I don't take these games too seriously.
  5. Hello Guys, how are you? Are the international-friendly games live on television or livestream?
  6. I hope this player will be important in the future for the club. He's still a young-player, so I hope he get the time to develop. Sometimes there is too much pressure on a talent.
  7. I'm looking forward to the game against Barcelona, to see how to current state of the squad. I hope the team will have a good pre-season. Because the first premier league game, is very important.
  8. It's nice for the Irish-Blues to see the Chelsea-players, especially the youngsters. Enjoy the game guys !
  9. I'm so happy that he signed a new contract, it's of our most exciting players at the moment. Hopefully he will have a great season.
  10. When he was arriving at Chelsea, I thought it was a good signing for the club. But now I'm happy that he is moving back to Spain. He didn't fit at the club and the competition. But we still need a good striker for the up-coming season don't you think guys?
  11. Hello Guys, I'm new here and from Holland as well. I'm happy there is a place where you can interact with Chelsea fans from all around the world.

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