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  1. Iam quite happy that two well within our shirts tails played each other and only drew as in one point each . Lpool play Leeds Leeds Leeds and i have backed dirty Leeds in that game along with not so happy Hammers getting a draw at barcodes hence to say all teams around us drop points when we play man city in SF . saying that i have backed t`other mancs to beat burnely 3-0 .
  2. I am doing my upmost to Get my oldest lads 13 out of his backside on all things music . I send him one link a day to his phone of whatever track i deem fit .his job is to watch it then i Ask him a question on the track and if he gets said question wrong he gets two picks 1.... nerf gunned 2.... knee squeeze todays track was The wanderer by Dion and question is what was the girls name tattoo on his chest .
  3. Cathy is the one chelsea fan who will know every chelsea chant ever sung Word for Word for sure .Cathy must be a walking libary on chelsea fc .
  4. I never knew that or it Even crossed me mind . You do have a point about Le Coq Sportif and retro sales hitting the roof . Makes me Wonder why Bob the shirt dont knock out such merchindise down the Fulham Road as Adidas or chelsea fc cant have due restriction so many meters out of SB ?
  5. When i used to Work rock concerts in oslo we would all end up in a bar called muddy waters for a few pints . Thanks for the great Flash back
  6. Fine Young Cannibals > best cover version of Susspicious Minds todate . The two goons in the background on the guitars help make the video ,but that dont take away on how good and cool the leader singer is .
  7. From the 1980s great artist with a stunning Voice , great band and great track . The dance moves are so intune with the song and their dress sense aswell Fine young cannibals > Johnny come Home
  8. That white van in the back ground on RH side ,is it Smith crisps by any chance anyone ?
  9. Whats with the yellow/ green chelsea what looks like the away shirt ,it seems to be missing the umbro markings down its sleeves albeit a short sleeved effort ? Was it a polo type shirt sold in club shop or a reason for missing umbro markings ?
  10. The 1960s and 1970s was before my days of getting me hands dirty etc etc . I came along from the start of the Casuals,trendys or flickheads as we was known back then . Basically if you was from the other team and wore club colours we never got involved ,but if you was ever clocked wearing the branded clothing then that alone was enough to warrant a smack in your gob or a beating of various accounts . For life of me i can never recall attacking what we deemed shirters or scarfers ,but should a said shirter or scafer did ever join in thats their issue . i have been in punch ups and once somebody went down it was good enough for me to leave him on the floor ,but i do know and havd seen lads mates then go in with the boot once a chap is down . I never lost no sleep over that but i could never kick anyone who is allready down ,maybe if i had knocked him down and i did not want him to Get back up and muller me i will give him a couple of volleys . For sure i havd been knocked down a few times and my first reaction was to allways curl up in a tight ball shape protecting my head and face . I found that the more lads that was ever trying to kick the hell out of me when i was curled up the better ( derby ,York ,Barnsley, ) . Its like a frenzy of trainers all kicking you left right and centre with no real aim and they are basically fighting each other to inflict pain on you . Now if there was only say two lads kicking the hell out of me i would have come out alot Worse for sure ,since they can havd far more controlled kicking towrads my head and face .Thank god i never went throu that and my still good looks back me up on that . i allways found the most quite ones within our smallish mob was the worrying ones as they were the ones that would carry a blade at times ,Something that never quite sat with me .
  11. Look fella you seem to be getting quite a bit of stress Thanks to me if iam correct .the lady has asked you to ban me . If it makes your job far more easy then do what you have to do . 

    for sure if i have crossed over a line with whatever i have posted the. Ban me but please tell first where i went wrong .

    Sorry for extra Work load this has caused fella . 

  12. Old man like Ron > i be quite shocked if none of you lot have fallen onto this fella via you tube since he is chelsea it seems . Just incase have a gander and enjoy
  13. Tony dorigo > that 2-3 goal and win at man city > Sunday game > and that red/ blue/white or was it blue/ red/white away strip . Also Wembley > full members cup final v mboro > Dorigo 1-0 > Thanks for the service . did i mention that programme neighbours from Australia ,if not that tv programme from Australia neighbours > skippy > wentworth prison `` leave it out B ´´
  14. This was the ACDC open air concert in oslo mentioned above > Thunderstruck <
  15. ACDC ,never actually been to a ACDC gig but i have been quite close to one . I used to travel to parts of Europe following big bands and selling unofficial t shirts ,hoodies , scarfs etc etc . We was all working a ADCD open air concert in oslo few years back .in the day before the concert started we be on main Street knocking our bits out whilst doing upmost to aviod Police . We could never sell our unofficial goods outside the venue before whatever concert was given rule . so we are all sat in a small bar about a 5 min walk from the ACDC open air concert untill said concert finished and it was open all ground on where we could sell what bits we had left . Done this many many times with various other bands but this ACDC one was different ,special ,unreal. There was about 8 of us sat around this table all across from each other and we could not hear one single Word we was saying to each other whilst ACDC was banning away . We was shouting full pelt at each other standing up leaning over and Even cupping our ears to no avail . The sound that carried from the stage to us a 5 min walk away from the outdoor arena was most close thing to a concorde taking off . hate too think what it was like infront of the stage ,instead of selling t shirts ,scarfs and hoddies we should havd been knocking out ear plugs aswell
  16. A gent smoking the pipe was the answer i was looking for ,as for the unattended brolly i never noticed that inspector erskblue .
  17. My question is why is there a area of > No mans land < could this be the first reported act of end clearing by order of the peaky blinders .
  18. You dont seem to see that anymore these days in that photo ? What is that i see that you lot cant see ?
  19. I Wonder how many of us would swap the lack of fear and trepidation of going to whatever away games and the anticipation of a main or big rival mob landing in SW6 that happens at all football today to go back to the days games where fear trepidation,lust around owt FV .Take in mind the downfalls of FV on todays match days as the atmosphere inside the grounds tenfold albeit the crowd attending would be slashed . ( see what i did there ) . Not so much when watching chelsea ,but whenever i went away with donny 15 or 20handed via British Rail we would allways have a copy of the sun newspaper scanning the fixture list from all divisions or leagues back then to try and figure out what mobs we would or might cross when at change of train stations or Even on same trains . Every possible option downfall or result when on the rail net Work was studied for a risk assesment . End of the day no matter how big or small the risk was deemed we allways just carried onto to our destination or back Home . when we had the Numbers we would go out of our way enroute back Home after a game to stop off to say hello to mobs within our expectations pboro,rotherham,York were results for us ,where likes of wolves ,Barnsley,man city were bad mistakes by us to various extents . when we complain that todays atmosphere is flat at grounds its due to two facts new nicer breed of normall fans and the lack of working class men / boys at todays games . For sure the stadiums in prem ,Championship and all League clubs are alot more better ,but its got far to comfortable for my comfort . If you cant stand up in your Seat and let a volley of fcuks ,cants,twats ,barstewads off at your own teams lack of performance strangles the atmosphere .
  20. With chelsea and England i have been throu a few lairy moments and come out unscathed mainly down to the safety in Numbers or just been in correct place at correct times aka lucky . with donny its a different page as safety in Numbers was never any help since we never had serious Numbers . On a normal day 30 tops and on special days 60 +. When your going to whatever division 4 or 3 League one or two fixtures with 15 lads at times and you never knew who was just around the next corner policy ,is where we came unstuck many times . been knocked kicked punched from pillar to post no end of times ,as i/ we have escaped scott Free from iffy situations no end of times aswell . Funny thing is every time i took a good beating it type of knocked my self confidence out of me ,and for next few days i would be second guessing myself all the time . I honestly think that the NHS should give out Free good kickings to all and sundry as you will learn more about yourself at your lowest points .After any particular beating that i got ,it would churn my insides up in the days after with no end of self questions / answers . Normally by the next weekend and matchday i was out and about at the football after my wake up call ,untill the next kicking that i got then just rinse and repeat . There was only a couple of times where i was that close to seroius injury at the football that i said to myself `` if i Get out of this unharmed i will stop going to football `` i even said a small pray to him upstairs when hiding from a mob of Liverpool carrying blades within earshot of them as they said `` we will cut the Yorkshire Bast ard open `` It was a very silent pray for sure ,and i got away scott or stabbed Free , today i laugh about it . basically most of us are no big hitters at all ,but you like or its normall to think that you are at least a tad more up for it,rougher ,quicker ,harder untill you Get a good smacking ,kicking or beating . Thats when your confidence in yourself takes a bigger beating unless your a real nutter ,hardcase and its nowt new .
  21. Sorry my mistake i got lost again ,i thought i had fell throu the what are you listening to door ,just like my School ` dont pay enough attention ´
  22. F1905,The Rising Sun and Erskblue Thanks for putting me head back into its normal place ,i could not figure out the change of shirts for a game at SB.
  23. Here is a question that has never been able to be answered over the years and i have the answer 100% Q....why are there more Manchester United fans in Manchester than man city fans ? A .....all throu the years when little Jonny or little Billy or whatever little kids went out to play outside in the Manchester area ,said kids would allways leave the house with this warning from their parents ringing in their ears `` little Jonny ,little Billy make sure that you keep well away from that main Road ``
  24. First of all before i make a complete twat of me sen ,is that game been played at SB ? It looks like it ,it smells like it and if so our kit is throwing me . the other team at a educated guess is either man city ( in their red/ black away kit or Plymouth in green/black Home strip ?) if that is denis stuart then its man city and that is never main Road . So why chelsea in change of shirt ?
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