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  1. Thanks for the welcome 1man 😉🍻
  2. We are the Europe!!! I love you Chelsea!! Serbia calling 😎
  3. After the 2008 final in a cafe here in Serbia, I was so f**ked up that I watched TV commercials half an hour after the penalty shootout and licked a mug of beer. Most of the people in that cafe didn’t even watch the game. There were some alcoholics, workers etc. There was only one young man besides me who watched the match and after all he just cry and cry and he didnt lift his head from the table and he was not drunk. I just hugged him and told him : "My brother, your tears will bring many finals for Chelsea in the coming years", he asked "When, when.." , i just said "You ll se, be patient..
  4. Thanks Caitlin 🍻 Yes, you did it spelt right. You are good my brother. Živeli !!! When you clinking 🍻 This letter "Ž" you read like a "g" in word "giraffe" 🙂 We use also cyrillic alphabet and then that Ž would be Ж 😀 So, maybe its good to know NAPRED ČELZI / НАПРЕД ЧЕЛЗИ! Its a "GO AHEAD CHELSEA" 😎 Bolje vas našao Dean. Baš mi je drago, puno pozdrava za tebe i tvoje roditelje. Divna mesta posećuješ 😉 Nadam se da ćemo se jednog dana i sresti, slobodno se javi kada budeš u Beogradu. Its great i will definitely check that part of forum. Yap Bane, you are right.
  5. The more drunk We are, more drinks for everyone 🤣 Thats some kind of our hospitality and kindness, sometimes its a strenuos and stubborn but its fine at the end 🍻 Thanks Jezz 😉🍺
  6. Dobro sam brate 😉 Haha.. cant even imagine that.. I guess the alcoholic rivers flowed 🤣 Thanks and great, Im so glad to meet Blue brother from Romania. Chelsea doesnt have to worry for support in east and south-east of Europe. We are here 🤝
  7. First, I would like to greet all of you. anyone whose blood is blue, my brothers and sisters. I am from Serbia and i will try to write as short as possible 😄 When I was younger in second half of 90s, i heard some songs from Partizan Belgrade fans. They are singing some songs in which Chelsea was mentioned. In positive way of course. After that my dad told me lot about Borota, about his lucidity etc. He was definitely first stronger link between Chelsea and this area here. In late 90s, i followed news about Chelsea just in some sport magazines or newspaper. In Serbia Live on the tv i
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